Beware the Total Solar Eclipse in Australia!

The solar eclipse today / tomorrow won’t have been visible to most of the world. The only city to experience it in its entirety was the Australian city of Cairns.
It’s worth a mention though, because as the moon obscures the sun it aligns with the bright star Unuk Snake Heart.
As the name suggests, this is likely to have a somewhat unpleasant affect on all of us, wherever we are.
And of course there’s the Mercury retrograde happening the now, which makes Mercury look like it’s going backwards in the night sky. It also makes us more sensitive than usual and prone to making mistakes. It is a great time to re-do things though. It’s a good time for going back over things and checking them through. Best give things time right now. Remember ~ more haste less speed, and a stitch in time saves nine.

This alignment could prove treacherous!

It looks like it’s possibly going to be a toxic, uncomfortable eclipse. ‘Possibly’ because it’s a challenge. We can use it to our advantage!
We can take the snake’s venom and make it an antidote, suitable for use in future poisonous attacks. Or we can just go ahead and be poisoned by it.


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