Arya Tara in Brighton!

º  o .¸

If we can open our minds

to the endless possibilities open to us…

                                                        º  o

Tara, Brighton SDC 0213

Arya Tara


“Everything is our Spiritual Teacher.”
º  o .¸

“Developing minds of wisdom and compassion

in response to whatever arises,

makes us into a more spiritual person.

“This is personal evolution.”
Kadam Bridget

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More notes from Kadam Bridget’s truly inspiring teachings on Modern Buddhism coming soon…

Photo credit:  Shanti, Tara shrine at empowerment, Brighton KMC.
* If any of yous were there, please comment and share your wisdom!

Spring Festival at MKMC, May 18th – 23rd


Spring Festival May 18th – 23rd
The Buddhist way of  Loving Kindness

with Gen Kelsang Dekyong

Everyone is welcome to come to the Spring Festival and enjoy an inspiring and fulfilling holiday. During the Festival Dekyong will grant the blessing empowerment of Buddha Green Tara, and then give teachings on the much loved text “Eight Steps to Happiness”  by Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso. (from MKMC website see also the Spring Festival website)
PS. Funny how things interlink.
Doing the photo challenge article about festivals last night, made me think that the Spring Festival must be coming up soon. Then Maitri rings up this morning and asks about it.
At a casual glance these things don’t look connected, but then on a deeper level, everything is.  It’s interbeing, isn’t it ~ “everything is connected to everything else” Tich Nhat Hanh.

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