Buddhist Sutra & Tantra on Vajrayogini Day


The universal compassion accomplished through the practice of Sutra teachings and the wisdom accomplished through the practice of Tantric teachings are like two wings of a bird.

Just as both wings are equally important for a bird to fly, so both Sutra and Tantra are equally important for practitioners seeking enlightenment.

Geshe Kelsang Gyatso


Guide to the Bodhisattva’s Way of Life, a poem written by the 7th Century Buddhist master, Shantideva:

“A Bodhisattva is a friend of the world who, motivated by compassion, spontaneously seeks enlightenment to benefit all living beings.”

Verses from Shantideva's Guide, GKG


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Happy Heruka Day!

25th Jan is Heruka Day 🙂
A good day to meditate on universal compassion and the fact that nothing exists outside of our mind.

Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, Buddha Avalokiteshvara

Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, Buddha Avalokiteshvara

Wisdom and Compassion

“At present our mind is obscured by the inner darkness of ignorance, which prevents us from seeing the true nature of all phenomena; but by training in wisdom and compassion we can completely remove this inner darkness.”

Essence of Vajrayana, Geshe La

Wisdom understands emptiness. Emptiness is how things exist. “Emptiness is not nothingness but is the real nature of phenomena.”
Everything lacks its own, inherent existence. This is the ultimate nature of phenomena. Everything comes from the mind, and even that doesn’t exist from it’s own side. It’s all just a mental fabrication. (Not so far away from the Matrix and its constructs in the movie. Geek fact – the Matrix was based on the ‘mind only’ Chittamatrin view of emptiness.)

Compassion is not wanting others to suffer. Unbiased compassion“is not just for human beings but for every living being, including animals.. That’s all animals as well, even if they’re not cute. However many legs they have.

Tantra is pure. (In Heruka’s case Highest Yoga Tantra, and for Avalokiteshvara it’s Action Tantra.)  It’s about creating pure lands, inhabited by pure beings – us!
If done right, the Buddhist practice of Tantra is the quickest and best path to achieving an enlightened state.

All this promotes a peaceful, therefore happy, mind for ourselves and others.

Who is Heruka?

Heruka Chakrasambhara

Heruka is a wrathful deity.
He is Tantric compassion.
He is great bliss and the true nature of reality, which is emptiness.

He is powerful and completely pure.
Meditating on Heruka enables us to gain freedom from our current state of suffering, and to liberate others. This is a practice that can be beneficial now in our everyday lives; and become the cause of us being able to free all beings to the ultimate peace of great enlightenment.

image: Buddha Heruka and Vajravarahi
– Great Bliss and Emptiness respectively. I’ve included the pink lotuses and the fish to represent love, purity and harmony. Tantra allows these qualities to grow in our minds, and so in our world.

All quotes from Geshe Kelsang Gyatso
Kadampa Ryan
 gives some good insights into the practice of Heruka on his blog.
Image Credits:
Heruka Chakrasambava by Robert Beer 
Avalokiteshvara from Tharpa Publications

Highest Yoga Tantra Transforms a Working Day (Ike, Conversations with Kadampas)

Highest Yoga Tantra Transforms Working Life

~ Ike’s experience:

Ike is a manager at ISL Financial Advisors. Bonita Springs, Florida

* taken from a discussion on Kadampa Life’s ‘Where are the Kadampas?’  (link for discussion and full article)
It’s such a good example of how Tantra naturally simplifies things and makes them pure, I just had to borrow it for here 😉 (click on the image below to read it)

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