Loti’s Hiatus Explained and Patiently Accepted

Cosmic Loti has had a bit of a hiatus of late.
Not all her fault. And when I say “patiently accepted“, that’s a wish path that’s improving with practice…
So, why I’ve been gone:
brain wiring
*  two consecutive MS attacks too close for comfort
*  work commitments
cube into a round hole
*  cosmic energy shifts
Cosmic Energy
*  heatwave in the UK
dog days


*  and karma
≠> ׵
So my approach?
(Which is a good trick when you can do it)

Watch each situation unfold
with patient acceptance

Patience is a mind that is able to accept, fully and happily, whatever occurs…having given up on the idea that things should be other than what they are.
Geshe Kelsang Gyatso
It is in this calm, clear space of patient acceptance that the most beautiful of things can happen.
As the Buddhist Master Shantideva said
“If something can be remedied
Why be unhappy about it?
And if there’s no remedy for it,
There is still no point in being unhappy.”
This is like releasing attachment to the outcome.
If we have done all we can then it’s best to physically and metaphorically step back from the situation. Surrender and have faith that all is as it should be, no matter what the outcome.
Not the easiest, but it does become more do-able when we’ve seen how well it works.

Space Oddity “Planet Earth is blue, and there’s nothing left to do.”

Chris Hadfield Chris Hadfield in the International Space Station. Hauntingly beautiful.

Like this:
Mimi Luk : Release Attachment to the Outcome
Cosmic Loti : Shantideva on Patience
Cosmic Loti : Let go to Become

* More on each of these to follow hopefully …

the Inspiration Fairy strikes again…

WoW o WoW! Dontcha’ just love it when these things happen?
S’like Serendipity or Synchronicity or Something ॐ Magic! 

OK, it doesn’t seem like such a big deal if you’re living in the ‘real world’, anI know I should get out more; but it was such a very gently cool thing to happen that I gotta share it with y’all.

What normally happens is that I post an article here, do a final check through for typos, then head to get a brew.
That’s when the Inspiration Fairy can strike!
Gawd know where she hides in my tiny kitchen; but suddenly there she is. Repeatedly hitting me on the head with a lit sparkler (she’s too psycho for just a wand), until I give in, come back and sit down. Cup of tea ignored and going cold on the shelf there. To edit (often re-write) the post, and re-jig (or replace) the pictures. And often add a sprinkling of hippie chic before she’s happy.

But WoW, look at what magic of Serendipity or Synchronicity or Something, her demanding i Get things Just Right made time for.

Or as my mate Maitri would say ‘faffing about’. (See, I have to post an image + quote on Tumblr before I can make a screenshot of it to put here. And then there’s always the next day’s ‘final’ edit to be done after morning prayers…
Endless ‘faffing’ :~)

Anyways, it was while I was working on Tumblr, that this post – perfectly illustrating that subtle magic happens in the calm, clear space of patient acceptance – appeared.

So this has now become part 1½. With part 1 ‘Let Go to Become‘ (the afore mentioned ‘faff’ / or cause of the ‘WoW, depending on how you look at it); and part 2 to come.

 but this ‘Monet photograph’ has become the perfect interlude

 There, rant over 🙂 I can settle back into my migraine, but now within the warm cosy contented glow of Serendipity or Synchronicity or Something. And it hardly even rates as a migraine, now.

Homage to babydoll1976 for her brill pics, BTW.
Her thoughts on this?
“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be…. To hold, you must first open your hand. Let go.” Lao Tzu (via bodhisattvaextraordinaire)
* Do you have any thoughts on the query of Serendipity or Synchronicity or Something? Do share (~:

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