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Guru Sumati Buddha Heruka New Years card 🙂

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Buddhist Sutra & Tantra on Vajrayogini Day

Just as both wings are equally important for a bird to fly,
so both Sutra and Tantra are equally important for practitioners seeking enlightenment.


Awaken to 2014 with a New SuperMoon

Affirmations and qualities to promote
for the Capricorn Supermoon.

 New Super Moon !

The New Moon in Capricorn January 1st 2014 is a SuperMoon.
It’ll affect us all, regardless of star-sign.
* A SuperMoon is “
a new or full moon which occurs with the moon at or near (within 90% of) its closest approach to Earth.” 

“Capricorn is an earth element, cardinal mode of energy, so it is highly dynamic and has the potential to be excellent at management, organization and delegation.

The New Moon in Capricorn’s themes are letting go and paving the way for rebirth and aligning with quality and integrity…The climb to the top of the symbolic mountain may feel rough, yet imagine the new possibilities and view when you arrive at the peak.

With persistence and gentle discipline, all things may be achieved.”

Starseeds Spiritual Awakening

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A few people have commented on how super charged the energies feel just now.
A friend texted me this morning, “Energy feels good and positive. Welcome 2014.”
I couldn’t agree more.


New Years Affirmations

New Years Prayer

“On this day, I will strive to see the peace that is everywhere and access the abundance of beauty and joy that lie in every moment.
It is the Eternal Now that I am after.

I will strive to be a magnet for powerful, positive, and miraculous truths, images, words, and music.
I will do everything in my power to clear my mind of the negative energies that have obfuscated my view and distorted my words and actions.
I will create a new paradigm that helps me to recognize only the good qualities in every person, place, and thing that composes my environment.
I will raise my energy and my light to the highest frequencies of love, generosity, charity, compassion, forgiveness, and truth.
I will fill my head with constructive thoughts and images that will help me to further my individual growth so that I can illuminate and inspire the lives of others.

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Kill Procrastination ⌚ image

Kill Procrastination with a Death Meditation

Kill Procrastination with a Death Meditation

Death Meditation:

✞  I will die
✞  I don’t know when
✞  I will walk my path purely now

Epilogue to:
HAPPY NEW YEAR! * as the Old Year Dies, can contemplating our own Demise make us Happy?
Make the Perfect New Year’s Resolution based on an Awareness of Death

HAPPY NEW YEAR! * as the Old Year dies, can contemplating our own Demise make us Happy?

 Excerpt from Amitabha Centre publicity: .

Death Med GKG text

Meditating on our own Death makes us Happy 

It sounds counter-intuitive, but Buddha taught that meditating on the inevitability of our own demise is an uplifting experience. The death meditation being one of my favourites, I can definitely vouch for this.

To meditate on an idea or a course of action means to focus all of our attention on it. As Chönden said “to take it to heart“. He added that to focus our mind on our own death means to “follow the path of peaceful, positive minds.”

This is because thinking about death stops us from getting so uptight and stressed by things. It frees up space in our busy mind, so that there’s space for peace and feeling OK about life instead.

Death Meditation Analogy

For me it’s like clearing the internet browser’s cache when it gets overloaded and confused trying to deal with badly formatted and incomplete web pages. Emptying the computer’s cache is like clearing your mind from all those thoughts and worries, so it can start afresh.
And just as that makes surfing the web a lot smoother, a clear mind can relax and let go, because there’s no need to worry so much. Freeing our mind up from the daily stressors and concerns means we can “enjoy life instead of worrying about it.” Chönden

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Death course GKC

Personal experience of this on here: David Thomas on Buddhism and Looking Death Straight in the Eye

Continued here:
Make the Perfect New Year’s Resolution based on an Awareness o
f Death
Kill Procrastination ⌚ image

Brilliant article on Learning to meditate in 2013 from Kadampa Life 

These notes taken in Gen Chönden’s first teaching on the death meditation at Amitabha Centre, new year’s eve.
Top image from Amitabha Centre publicity, click on it to make biG

Comment below ⤵ on this classic Buddhist meditation.

Sat 31st Dec – Death of the Old Year, Birth of the New


New Years Eve Celebrations!

A time to ring the changes, isn’t it. This article’s a post about Amitabha’s new years timetable, and a few things to think on.
Gotta say, I prefer new years to Christmas. This probably isn’t a good thing to admit on a new blog, but I’m just not such a fan of Christmas. Drearily pessimistic about the whole thing really. It just seems totally mashed up with consumerism and false expectations that everybody’s gotta have fun (generally in excess), coz it’s Christmas! If we let this selfish attitude take over, it really makes us miserable. Luna Kadampa‘s new article examines this further.

Gen Chonden made a good point in class the other day ~ Christmas is really a time for cherishing others. That’s what really makes us happy, not all this glitz and excess. Like that old song says “the christmas you get you deserve.” Just giving others as much unconditional love as we can, in whatever way is most appropriate; this is what makes Christmas truly a joyful festival worth celebrating.
And .•*¨New Years?*•.¸¸.•*¨Full of sparkly potential 😀

Let go of what no longer serves you

New Years at Amitabha Centre

The new year is a chance to say goodbye to the old stuff you don’t need anymore. Stuff that’s become heavy baggage. As the Kadampa Life article Clearing out the clutter from our mind states “we have to decide whether we want to lug all our mental stuff around with us forever,” or let it go.
Same goes for our material possessions. We have to keep on asking ourselves. ‘Do we really need this stuff?!’ We tend to be attached to the old, familiar ways of thinking and being. They aren’t always that helpful, and lead us down the same unhelpful paths.

Negative, outdated thoughts and behaviours do us more harm than good. But our grasping mind tells us different. The new year’s resolutions we make ~ even the ones we really mean ~ often get broken as we get on with life. “Now is the accepted time to make your regular annual good resolutions. Next week you can begin paving hell with them as usual.” (Mark Twain) Sad but true. Attachment often means that even stuff we recognise as junk is hard to get rid of. This is because deep down, we just don’t want to. This deluded attitude does us no favours, and wastes our precious human life.

But there’s hope!

We always have choice

I like it when Geshe la says that.”We always have choice.”
For many of us, the new year is an opportunity to bring on the changes we really want to make. Our human life can be just so very precious if we want it to be!

As Vide Kadampa says, “recognise the special opportunity we all have, and make the most of it while it lasts! What we can do with this window of opportunity is amazing. We can free our minds from the usual nonsense and the superficial trivialities we normally immerse ourselves in. We can lift ourselves up and rise up above the clouds of mental clutter to the clear blue sky above.

Minds and environments become clear, pure and free. An unobstructed ability to completely be there for others.
We can have this for anything from a few moments, to years in meditation. In fact we’re there for as long as we remember the amazing potential that our precious human existence has.

Dharma links:
Vide Kadampa
, on recognising the precious nature of our human life and using it wisely, in the context of death and impermanence.
Geshe la’s free ebook Modern Buddhism is a good read too (link down on the right)

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