Loti’s Hiatus Explained and Patiently Accepted

Cosmic Loti has had a bit of a hiatus of late.
Not all her fault. And when I say “patiently accepted“, that’s a wish path that’s improving with practice…
So, why I’ve been gone:
brain wiring
*  two consecutive MS attacks too close for comfort
*  work commitments
cube into a round hole
*  cosmic energy shifts
Cosmic Energy
*  heatwave in the UK
dog days


*  and karma
≠> ׵
So my approach?
(Which is a good trick when you can do it)

Watch each situation unfold
with patient acceptance

Patience is a mind that is able to accept, fully and happily, whatever occurs…having given up on the idea that things should be other than what they are.
Geshe Kelsang Gyatso
It is in this calm, clear space of patient acceptance that the most beautiful of things can happen.
As the Buddhist Master Shantideva said
“If something can be remedied
Why be unhappy about it?
And if there’s no remedy for it,
There is still no point in being unhappy.”
This is like releasing attachment to the outcome.
If we have done all we can then it’s best to physically and metaphorically step back from the situation. Surrender and have faith that all is as it should be, no matter what the outcome.
Not the easiest, but it does become more do-able when we’ve seen how well it works.

Space Oddity “Planet Earth is blue, and there’s nothing left to do.”

Chris Hadfield Chris Hadfield in the International Space Station. Hauntingly beautiful.

Like this:
Mimi Luk : Release Attachment to the Outcome
Cosmic Loti : Shantideva on Patience
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* More on each of these to follow hopefully …

Fun for Me!

Wheee !!

Wheelchair on Steep Hill 🙂


I love that on a wheelchair the brakes are how tight your hands can grip on the rims.
(The brakes don’t really work that well in wet conditions ;~)

And not much beats rallying with the furbies 

re-blog ☆*•.¸ about an msguided journey

“Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers.”                                                                   ~ Isaac Asimov

I am a 47 year old woman who has been on an MS guided journey since February 2011 …Don’t ask what the world needs, ask what makes  you come alive and go do it. Because what the world needs are people who have come alive.” Howard Thurman?  I am not ready to quit my day job, but writing has made me come alive.
I want to share my experience in hopes of perhaps giving others diagnosed with MS new perspective and empowerment.

Gifts of MS

This is from the  about page of ‘msguided journey ‘. It shows that MS (or any malfunctioning of our body) can bring us such gifts ~ and we can choose to use them 🙂

The Gift of a Sickbed!

Well, a sickbed isn’t really my choice; I wouldn’t choose to spend days in bed.

I’m just not feeling that good.
To put that into context, I’ve got MS anyway, and now i’ve got a bug. So the usual crap is exacerbated,
I’m nauseous, shivery, my bones ache and don’t want to take my weight. The furbys are missing their walks. So not much going on here.

I was getting in training for Tarchin’s Mahamudra retreat in a few weeks time as well. Now I’m thinking through cotton wool 😦

So, the gift in this?

Rejoicing in others’ good qualities and happiness, is a good one for a cosy warm duvet. It’s a feel-good mind, which brings us closer to the qualities we want.

I like offering that snuggly warm safe feeling to the Guru at my heart, and up to all the Buddhas and Holy beings. Also, to all those poor souls who can’t experience such luxury. I want them to be safe and comfortable too.
From a tantric point of view, that feeling of warm snuggliness becomes bliss inseparable from emptiness; offered to myself as the deity for the sake of those who aren’t so fortunate.

Unable to meditate much, I’ve been doing lots of Vajrasattva mantras instead. It’s brilliant purification, and can lift our mind immediately. (Mantras are something you can do in bed, which i like 😉 They’re good for housework too. Not so keen).

The short version of Vajrasattva’s mantra is:

om Vajrasatto sarwa siddhi hum

We repeat this while regretting any bad stuff we’ve done, and being determined not to do it again, (x21, or for at least for as long as you can)
Finish by imagining Vajrasattva’s pure white light flows into us, dissolving all the bad stuff away.  Then imagine our body and mind fills up with this white light, leaving us clean and pure.

OK, the usual headache’s becoming a migraine, so back to my duvet…

nb. This is just a snippet on purification. And there’s more to come on karma.
But see Geshe la’s free ebook Modern Buddhism for more on both.
And thanks to Kelsang Dorje for rapid response mantra verification.

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