November Peace Challenge: Love Thy Enemy


* Tears flow from hateful eyes too.

But I suspect our hearts, like flowers,

grow big and strong with the waters of loving-kindness.

Chill our words not our voice

It is rain that grows flowers, not ice

flowers in rain

“How cold is a heart
When it’s warmth that it seeks?”
Sting, Sister Moon

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Buddha and the Hidden Universe

…an excellent post on microcosmic perspectives.

I’m not the biggest fan of creepy-crawlies, but often rescue drowning critters.

Total respect to Buddha for stating that ALL in the animal realm have a body and mind; and as such don’t want to suffer anymore than I or anybody else does.


ڿڰۣ ڿڰۣ

From Beauty is to be Found in the Moment:

Happy Equinox as well Everybody!

At 8.44pm GMT, the Sun passes the celestial equator moving south.
This marks the first day of Autumn in the northern hemisphere and the first day of Spring in the south.

“@__ Like This:
Images and poem in Meredith’s ‘Summer’s Pause’ (link below).

Kadampa Life

BuddhaToday, September 22, is Buddha’s Return from Heaven Day, one of my favorite anniversaries of the Buddhist calendar. This is why I like it:

“On this day we celebrate Buddha’s return from the desire god realm called Land of the Thirty-three Heavens, where he had been to visit his mother who had been reborn there.

Traditionally this day also marks the end of the summer retreat. Every year, during the summer months, Buddha did a three-month retreat with his disciples. His reason for doing this was to avoid harming insects and other animals.

If we go out a lot during the summer months we will naturally kill more insects and other animals than at other times of the year. The nature of Buddhadharma is compassion – an unbiased compassion that is not just for human beings but for every living being, including animals.” ~ From a talk by Geshe Kelsang…

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the Ascension Continues within Us

 Ascension is a state of Mind


Ascension is a state of mind, as is everything – the weather outside, this monitor we’re looking at, even ourselves.
So just how the Ascension energies affected us will be different for everyone.
But what happens now?
Well that’s up to us. Just as the affects of the Ascension were felt internally, progression has to be on an internal level. It is our mind that’s creating this world, so for the positive change to continue, we have to cultivate and maintain a light and loving state of mind.  

to ‘lonely’ from Israel (and everywhere else)

Dear ‘lonely’ from Israel’
I don’t know who  you are,
but you were my 1st hit on Sunday morning.
  And to the other folk who visit the 2 posts on loneliness here.

You are not alone!

See, I know this for sure, because Thich Nhat Hanh says “Loneliness is one of the afflictions of modern life… it is universal in our society.
– If it’s ‘universal’- you can’t be the only one.

Some of these lonesome souls sometimes visit those two little outposts as well.
I wrote them ages ago – with a friend who suffered terribly from loneliness.
He described it as an “open wound. It hurts, and feels like it won’t ever heal.” I don’t want anybody to feel that bad.

I don’t see him anymore, and I miss him.
I can’t reach through the monitor and give him, and everyone else a smile and a wave

– so here’s a screenshot – made with lots of love – instead.


Facebook conversation between Luna Kadampa and Shanti:
One of the best opponents to loneliness is the meditation on the kindness of others, the interconnectedness we share on every level.
Yes. It’s our illusion of separateness that makes people feel lonely



“We are all interconnected in a web of kindness from which it is impossible to separate ourselves.”

 Eight Steps to Happiness. Geshe Kelsang Gyatso









Card from Tharpa Publications
Click on images to make biG

posts here on loneliness vs. being alone:
Alone isn’t so Lonely for Christmas Day
Make Friends with Loneliness (via Pema Chödrön)


‘Togetherness’ is Being with Sangha (Weekly Photo Challenge theme of the week)

For this week’s Post a Day / Week challenge (we’re somewhere in-between), you’ve got to post a photo showing ‘Togetherness’.

It’s so joyful to feel spiritually connected with others,

I’ve put in 2 images that just sparkle with ‘togetherness’.














Both shots were taken of Sangha from my Buddhist centre in Bristol, attending courses at Manjushri Buddhist Centre in Cumbria.
The ‘Togetherness’ theme just seemed perfect for shots of Manjushri Centre, what with the upcoming Spring Festival there.

These spiritual ‘holidays’ at the mother centre can be so valuable; gaining instruction from experienced and skilled teachers, and meeting friends old and new from across the globe. Meditating with many other minds focussing on the same thing can be a powerful experience. The energy carries you deeper into concentration, like a powerful current sweeping you along.

They can also be quite hard going ~ you’re there with hundreds, sometimes thousands of other people. Everybody there, to some extent, is working on improving their minds – with varying levels of success – and often having spent the night in a tent in torrential rain, been to a teaching, then queued (cold and wet) for ¼hr to get that precious cup of coffee.

Just being somewhere with that many people can get difficult for me (especially when we’re all in the café queue), and it does rain rather a lot in the Lake District. But after years of experience, we’re generally getting the hang of regarding others with a gentle, tender regard (normally sprinkled with humour). And it makes all the difference to wether your holiday is enjoyable or unbearable.
If you don’t practice loving kindness when you’re with others, how else are you going to learn it?! To see people with this mind of loving kindness definitely enriches relationships, from new acquaintances to old and dear friendhips.

The love friends can have for each other is truly beautiful

I think this shines through in these photos.
What do you think? Does practicing loving kindness bring people closer?

The 3 heroes were taken at a Summer Festival,
and the yoginis were at a concentration retreat,
both in the last couple of years.

‘Sangha’ – Spiritual community

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