Happy Solstice and Cosmic Shift 2013!

“Awareness is the greatest agent for change.”

Eckhart Tolle

Stonehenge sun misty

“If you do not evolve yourself, you do not serve others.” 

Barbara Marciniak

“One heart awake in love
sends waves of healing around the world.”


So many are sad, so many are lonely, and so many are without hope, that every rise in your awareness makes a slight difference in the whole of humanity’s collective mind.”

Asket of the League of Light, via Maryann Rada

“Allow the love and beauty of the world to flow through you, so you can share it with others.

Ashtar, Pleiades, via Shanti

Stonehenge sun

This force cannot be stopped by anyone or thing.

What of the amazing effects being achieved as more hearts wake up and become true to themselves and the world around them?

¸   . •   ☽ ‘ *   ¨  

Asket edRefs:

Eckhart Tolle: A New Earth
Barbara Marciniak: Earth
Asket quote and image from Time Transformers:
High Time to Tell the Truth

a Solstice ♡ Meditation on Love

Light Tribe of Gaia.

June 21st at 5:04 am UTC:
The Winter / Summer Solstice, depending on which hemisphere you’re in.

As the consciousness of the world shifts into a higher state, you may find yourselves feeling deep love, but also despair in these changing times.

You are not alone! We are all interconnected in a web of loving kindness and peace. There are so many beings awakening here on earth.
By maintaining the frequency of love, light and joy within each one of us, we are assisting in this shift.

“The easiest way to bring yourself into this higher frequency is to activate gratitude within your emotional field – to think of those things that you love – the dolphins, the whales, your own dogs and cats, all beloved children of the earth plane, nature in all its glory and beauty and power, all those who love and support you. Bringing these things into your consciousness, things that you are truly grateful for, these lighten your vibration beyond measure. And smile dear ones – smile the smile of the enlightened Buddha – the smile that acknowledges that all suffering is illusion.”
And so it is.

Solara An Ra

from the linked Pleiadian meditation channelled by SolaraAnRa, Light Tribe of Gaia:

A beautiful new meditation from the Star Councils of Light,
just in time for the June Solstice! HAPPY SOLSTICE dear Light tribe!

One-Heart Light Tribe Meditation (audio)

* I’ve been doing this meditation in the run up to the Solstice,
and visualising us all in resonance with each other. Lighting up and strengthening each other through the grandmother web of Light & Love is truly blissful.


Meditation on the Heart Chakra symbol by Kat Day coming soon.

Like this:

pleiadedolphininfos : The Pleiadians ~ The next phase in Global Ascension: the Summer Solstice; everything through the Heart ♥ ~ As received by Méline Lafont
Sandra Walter: Solstice and Full Moon – Unity Activations, Walk-thru practice

healthydelicious: how do you want your light to shine brighter in 2013

Wishing you all a Blessed Ascension Weekend!

Kat Day said yesterday,
This is a truly magical time on Planet Earth for we, as human beings, are awakening all over the globe to experience our personal and planetary Ascension process, which is well underway..”

Here’s what Tumblr had to say…
How do you feel about the Ascension?

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ascension images

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If you are still unmoved by the beauty of the universe, then you haven’t grasped its entirety yet.

Don’t you know? It is your light that lights the worlds ~ Rumi
via starseedthoughts


Ascension 21.12.12 ☆ Guest post by Kat Day

beginning* • .¸  

A truly magical time on Planet Earth 

This is a truly magical time on Planet Earth for we, as human beings, are awakening all over the globe to experience our personal and planetary Ascension process, which is well underway.
Earth has been aligning herself with the central core of our galaxy, an event which marks the dawn of a new Golden Age & the ending of a Universal Age of 26,000 years of evolutionary development! It is a time when humanity, Planet Earth and all of creation has the choice to take a simultaneous leap in evolution.

The powerful energies of unconditional Love sweeping the planet are readily available to us at this time, enabling strong connections to our Soul and The Divine, and allowing us access to loving guidance and insight like never before in our lifetimes. We are all raising to a new higher vibration and way of life that will empower us to return to our natural state of Love and re-establish Heaven on Earth.


a Whole Year’s Gone By ~ Expanding our Minds with Love


Our kind site hosts, WordPress, have given me an award for a whole year’s worth of blogging.
← That’s it 🙂

(Or ↑ depending on how you’re viewing this page.
I think it’s meant to be more symbolic than aesthetically impressive BTW ;~)
A whole year! In most ways it’s flown by. Last Autumn doesn’t seem like yesterday.

   * •. ¸

In blogging terms? It’s got that dream-like quality of being out of time.
It feels lovely to sit here in front of my monitor and communicate with hundreds of other people.
Technically I’ve just my doggies here with me now.
Actually I feel like I’m reaching out through cyber space, sharing hugs and smiles and affectionate love.

Meditation – Expand the Mind with Love

When I meditate on this feeling, it feels like my heart is so full of love; it’s expanding out in ever increasing ripples of peace to everyone there is. 
Soon the world is covered in fluffy pink clouds of love, and every living being in this world feels just a little bit better.
I like that.*

*Even if it sounds a bit icky; when I can do it, it feels good :~)
Highly recommended.
We can even do it like a Tantric practice, expanding our heart of love so that it fills the cosmos, colouring everything with a lighter mind, and filling all worlds with pure, unconditional love.
Then our heart gradually draws back in, leaving everything in its wake pure and blissful. As our heart returns to it’s proper size and place, we can follow it there with our mind and rest here awhile, our mind absorbed in this peace and love.


Love Changes Everything

❤ + ☮ = ˚͜˚



Tumblr Screenshots – via Chopra, babydoll1976 and Cultured Wind

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Quick fixes

… knowing that we can work with it when it doesn’t, helps more.

Procrastination In Paint

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Is there any situation where you can’t practice cherishing others?

Tumblr screenshot

Loving Affection (Gen Dekyong, Maitreya empowerment, MKMC, Feb 2012)

Some things in life are bound to be tricky.
Like traffic jams, shopping malls at Christmas or, you know, when you you hear things like “is there any situation when you can’t practice loving others?
Gen Dekyong at the weekend.

Maitreya, the Buddha of loving kindness

And I’m thinking “Yes.
(like duh)
Then she says it a few more times in that helpful / annoying* way she has.
*  (delete according to state of mind)

Deluded Minds

It has to be said here that I’m a deluded being, which is Buddhist speak for letting my unpeaceful and uncontrolled mind loose on the world.
Nothing to feel guilty about. We all have one. It’s the source of all our suffering and problems. Deluded minds like sticky, grasping attachment, and anger are the reason people fall in love, and why countries go to war.
They’re why stubbing your toe is so irritating and tripping up in the mall so embarrassing.

Deluded minds are why I can find Dharma teachings annoying sometimes. Even though I’ve been Buddhist for lifetimes and love Dharma to bits.
And I have to admit, I’ve remembered it! As much as it annoyed me at the time, it’s actually quite a good question. Try it ~ it’s wonderfully challenging!
“is there any situation when you can’t practice loving others?…”

I left my iPod with my notes on it in Charlie’s car. But that doesn’t stop Dekyong’s lilting Irish accent giving a voice-over when I’m slipping into irritation at someone.

Best to start with cherishing the people who already make you smile

Thinking of a situation where I don’t practice loving others isn’t too difficult.
Pretty easy actually.
But seeing as I was spending a whole weekend in the company of hundreds of people, most of whom I only vaguely knew; it would seem that I was stuck with the task of at least trying.
And to be honest, since we were all trying, it wasn’t that hard. Even for me.

And it wasn’t icky false niceness that people trying too hard to be Buddhist are sickeningly guilty of; it was a genuine feeling of social barriers being dismantled and taken away.

Holding others with a tender regard

So, Gen Dekyong’s advice? Something to work on (and more on it later), is to develop a feeling of closeness to others, a warmth towards them.
Dekyong describes this as our ‘homework’ – practicing what Geshe La refers to as ‘holding others with a tender regard.’
Easier with some than others. And and there’s some you wouldn’t want to be anywhere near, let alone close to.
But start easy, and I reckon it might just work.
In fact, it might well give us all that easy, peaceful feeling.

There are three main delusions, or deluded minds: ignorance, which gives rise to desirous attachment, which gives rise to anger.
These heinous minds are best left behind in favour of wisdom and love.

True, most folk don’t share their delusions (unhappy minds) with the world; but then this is why this blog is here – to air the yucky bits that the people I meet and I have; and the Buddhist answer to them.
Questioning my actions and changing the way I viewed folk definitely felt better for me, and I think maybe all concerned.

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