☆ Doctor Who & Transforming Bad Situations into Something Better Than They Were Before

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 and, I found a geeky chic picture of the 10th Doctor via Maybe Genius, (worth posting ‘coz he’s my fave Doctor :~) There’s an interesting article there on the Doctor’s character development too.

Crisis = Opportunity? It’s happening for us all the time ~
My “OMG! What happened?! the new article’s not there, and I’ve posted links everywhere for it!” train of thought quickly became
“OMG that picture’s lush  and the article isn’t bad either…”

Why transform crisis into opportunity

The post that so effectively distracted me, doctor who: a character study, was I think written for writers? But what struck me is that the author’s final suggestion (quoted below) for character development isn’t so far away from the Buddhist practice of Lojong, or training the mind, which is a lot of what this blog’s about:

“Take away something your character loves dearly. Cut away their family. Steal their significant other. Annihilate their best friend. Destroy their freakin’ world. Then let them change. Let them grow. Let them become someone with a different outlook on the same past. Let them be stronger for it. And let the story continue.
“Despite everything, despite all he’s lost, the Doctor is still a person who loves humanity. He’s still a person who wants to save the world. Whatever shape he comes in, he’s still the Doctor. But he’s a stronger, more powerful, more beloved character because of what he had to do to stay true to his core.”

I love that!  It’s so true. It’s a big part of the spiritual path is all about, or just making something better out of the crap life throws at us.
From a spiritual point of view, we won’t develop and grow without moving beyond our comfort zone. Sometimes we need to be booted out. (And just as I’m typing this, as if to prove a point, my neighbour upstairs is making some really loud disgusting noises for me to transform.)

On an everyday mundane level, transforming situations with Buddha’s incredibly practical advice makes life more do-able. It improves situations, because our mind-set is different, and that is what shapes the situation.
Think about this.
Play with it.
It’s true.
And it works.

Scene from Asylum of the Daleks, click here for article on equalising the Doctor and the Daleks with Buddha’s wisdom.

Lojong Images

Lojong is Tibetan for `training the mind’,
which is the best way to solve problems 

Lojong includes trying to transform adverse conditions into the spiritual path.
Or even a bad day into a better one, with a fairly decent motivation.

images from tumblr screenshots

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