Free your Mind! The Wisdom of Patient Acceptance

Modern Buddhism teachings, Brighton SDC

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“For us to be happy,

there has to be internal change.

 We have so little control over external conditions,

it’s our attitude we have to change.”

Kadam Bridget

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Sounds reasonable, like wearing shoes instead of trying to cover the world in asphalt. But how do we do it?

Get a realistic view of our world

Not some Disney fantasy of how it should be.
The world we live in is painful. Geshe Kelsang likens it to trying to get comfortable living in a thorn bush. This is the nature of our samsara, the endless cycle of dissatisfaction and pain we’re all stuck in.

Shih Tsu Happens

So relax and stop fighting it.
Our natural human response to fear is to avoid it. I am asking you to look straight at it, feel the feeling, and lean into it instead of away from it.
Terri Cole (via yogachocolatelove)

“Be empowered by this wisdom” Kadam Bridget

Knowing and using this wisdom enables us to cope and deal with our problems.
Our lives are full of endless difficulties.
At the end of the day we can just feel broken sometimes, can’t we.” Bridget

Patient acceptance can dissolve these negative, disempowering feelings away, and in doing so evaporate painful situations. This allows us progress in our lives in a pro-active way. Accepting difficulties with a patient mind, is far from passive, it is taking a “very strong, active stance.” Geshe Kelsang


Arya Tara in Brighton!

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If we can open our minds

to the endless possibilities open to us…

                                                        º  o

Tara, Brighton SDC 0213

Arya Tara


“Everything is our Spiritual Teacher.”
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“Developing minds of wisdom and compassion

in response to whatever arises,

makes us into a more spiritual person.

“This is personal evolution.”
Kadam Bridget

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More notes from Kadam Bridget’s truly inspiring teachings on Modern Buddhism coming soon…

Photo credit:  Shanti, Tara shrine at empowerment, Brighton KMC.
* If any of yous were there, please comment and share your wisdom!

Kadam Bridget in Bristol UK!!

Free Public Talk with Kadam Bridget Heyes at Colston Hall

 The teachings of Buddha show how to find pure happiness through developing deep peace within our own mind. In the text ‘Modern Buddhism’ Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso has presented these teachings in a way that makes it easy for modern people to gain experience of the profound path to inner peace.
(Free download on right.)

Ancient Wisdom in a Modern World

“Through reading and practicing the instructions given in this book, people can solve their daily problems and maintain a happy mind all the time.”
Geshe Kelsang
So that these benefits can pervade the whole world, Geshe Kelsang wishes to give this eBook freely to everyone.

 The instructions given in this book are scientific methods for improving our human nature and qualities through developing the capacity of our mind.

 .• *

The speaker will be Kadam Bridget Heyes. She is a strong and dedicated disciple of Geshe Kelsang Gyatso and is the UK Spiritual Director of the New Kadampa Tradition (NKT) and Resident Teacher at Nagarjuna Centre in Northants. Bridget will explain how Modern Buddhism is inspiring for those seeking solutions to the problems of their everyday life, as well as for encouraging
practitioners of all faiths to deepen their understanding and practice of the spiritual path.

* •.

Tues 23rd October    7~8pm (please arrive early)
Colston Hall,  Bristol, BS1 5AR

Kadampa Magic

Mega UK Dharma Celebration.
Fantastic teachings from Kadam Bridget and Gen Thekchen.

I’m pooped again.
Thanks to all the beautiful Sangha who gathered at Manjushri’s pure land.
Bit by bit we’re making blissful Kadampa magic in this world.

“Kadam Lamrim really is just common sense deepened with wisdom”

Gen Thekchen

“Modern Buddhism is daily life”

+ = 🙂

Kelsang Osung on the Medicine Buddha Empowerment (Kadam Bridget, March ’11)

Osung Kelsang

K. Osung – Heruka centre Sangha made Conway hall look very beautiful for the empowerment. It was so lovely to catch-up with old friends there.
Jas – Kelsang Osung was happy to share her experiences of the recent Medicine Buddha Empowerment with us.

K. Osung – There were many firsts for me: during the empowerment the smallest disciple spontaneously threw up! Odd sound to hear during meditation. But what does it mean?

Medicine Buddha

Jas – ¯\(°_°)/¯  LoL I’ve never had that one .

K. Osung – Later we recited the mantra together 108 times. After dissolving my winds I floated through the remainder of the day!
Jas mmmm : )

K. Osung – I met a beautiful Dakini Lady there who told me about her relationship with White Tara. Whenever she was in difficulties, she would see Her face and all would turn out OK!
Jas White Tara’s beautiful.
K. Osung – Another Dakini Lady, who had come to hear Geshe-la’s Dharma for the very first time, was very moved by Geshe-la’s Long Life prayers.
I gave her a copy to take home as a souvenir.

When she received the bala and mandana after the puja she looked at me puzzled. “It is a very special blessing for your future life! ” I told her. She looked delighted and tasted the ‘Nectar’.
Jas Sounds like a good weekend 🙂

Kadam Bridget Heyes

K.Osung is a Buddhist nun. Reading, England

Jo Pagz on the Medicine Buddha Empowerment (Kadam Bridget, March ’11)

Jo – I went, and I feel good!!
Jo on Sunday night, after his weekend with other Kadampas in London.
Jas –  That’s brilliant 🙂
What do you feel so good about?

Jo – I just do LoL. I like Bridget because she is witty, clear and down to earth in her style, but also very deep in her wisdom.

“The empowerment itself was powerful”

The way Bridget taught around it – the introduction and talk after – were so comprehensive and well delivered.
Blew my socks off… if you see them let me know 😉

Jas  Will do. And I agree with you about Bridget, I’m a big fan. She comes across as very compassionate, too. I think she knows how delusions tie us in unhappy little knots; but she also knows the best way we can unravel them.

Jo lives in London, England

Medicine Buddha empowerment in London with Kadam Bridget – Did you go?

Did anyone go to the Medicine Buddha empowerment in London with Kadam Bridget?

Trick question, because I know lots did ~
but you don’t fancy writing a snippet for here do you?

You know,  just a few lines on something you found inspiring, challenging or helpful.

Share that Dharma!

All apologies for putting Gen Dekyong originally. My bad. I don’t believe I did that! *blush*
And there’s more ‘MKMC Snippets’ to come from this year’s Dharma events, so there’s no rush. But if something stayed with you from the teaching, then it’s probably worth sharing.

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