Our Energy Follows Our Attention

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“We always have choice.”

 This is one of the best things I’ve heard Geshe Kelsang say. 
For me, it rates up there with “The things we normally see don’t exist“, and “Our mind appears objects.” 

I love this because it frees us from the normal discomfort of life. It gives us the power to chose what happens in our life. 
And how good is that?
Some of the best advice I’ve ever been given.
And it was personal advice given to thousands of people by
 my Spiritual Guide. *

Modern Buddhism: the flu

I can totally embrace this because it’s 8.30am, and I’ve been up 5 hours already. With M.S. spasticity and early morning wakening there’s no chance of staying in bed, it just hurts too much!
But today there’s also this sore throat, aching neck and a massive headache. Yup! After being run down for days the flu finally hit home on the first day of an unusually busy week.
Didn’t choose any of that.

But what I can choose – and this is the thing – is how I perceive and react to this big dollop of cosmic poo that’s landed on me.
The aspect of this I give my attention to, is what will become my reality. It’s how my day will unfold, what i’ll be able to do, and how I’ll be when I’m with others. It’s wether I collapse in bed when the day’s over in a tangle of raw nerves, alcohol and pain-killers; or in a snuggle of lovely warm furry babies, duvet and prayers.

That’s blissful for me – but everybody’s different – what magic will you choose to make?

We bring to ourselves what we focus on.





* nb ‘Personal Advice’

Another Buddhist mind-bender? Just how can advice given to a temple full of Buddhists be ‘personal‘?!
My understanding is that Buddha’s advice to his countless followers over thousands of years, is personal to each n’everyone of us – including the casual observer who sees a snippet on a greetings card – because it’s pertinent to our life right now. Try it out ~ see if it fits with where you are :~)


Like this:
Your mind creates your life: Energy Goes Where Attention Attention Flows
 We always have choice. We can choose where we want our mind to go: Pay Attention to Peace

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Everything’s Amazing and Nobody’s Happy (re-mastered as we speak…)

Technology’s ace when it works.

I lost my mobile phone and broadband over Christmas. Most of my friends were away on holiday, and it was surprising how cut off I felt. Julie next door empathised. Thing is, I’m so used to diving into cyberspace to see what’s going on in the world, that it suddenly felt like my little satellite was adrift in vast empty space.
I’ve not spent 40 years on this planet yet, but things have changed so much in my life. Mobile phones, CDs, DVDs, MP3s and the internet have all exploded into life.
Not that the old days were particularly good – Google would’ve been brilliant then – just that I’m not sure that the quality of life has improved.

As Geshe Kelsang says, “In recent years our knowledge of modern technology has increased considerably, and as a result we have witnessed remarkable material progress; but there has not been a corresponding increase in human happiness.”

Check out Louis CK’s comedic rant Everything’s Amazing & Nobody’s Happy for some good examples.

So would “walking around with a
donkey with pots clanging on the sides
like Louis says make you happy? Probably not. I’d definitely be like our Indian friend here, and want my mobile close by.

I was relieved when technical support were back after Christmas so I could call them from my newly fixed phone and get back on-line.

the Attraction of a Distracted Mind

Does top level communication really make people happier? Or is it just that we’re used to it now. I didn’t really suffer that much without my gadgets for awhile. Though I was relieved to get them working again, and soon let myself get sucked back in.

What they’re offering is most attractive  – distraction from an uncomfortable mind. But it’s not a lasting , nor reliable solution to our discomfort. Basically, we can only really be happy if we’ve got a peaceful mind. A disturbed, or agitated mental state is not a happy one.

We do tend to waste our time looking for happiness in all the wrong places; when all we really need to do is stop where we are. In fact, “happiness and suffering are states of mind, and so their main causes are not to be found outside the mind. If we want to be truly happy and free from suffering, we must transform our mind” Geshe Kelsang.

How To Solve our Human Problems, Geshe Kelsang Gyatso
(thanks to Kelsang Oden and Losang Tenpa for remote help with images, and to that mime artist in York.
Photo credit: Jas)

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