More Medmob Bristol ~ Image and Reviews

Reviews and Images  from the Meditation Flashmob on College Green in Bristol

Sat 28th July

Joe Hoare
Perfect afternoon Flashmob meditation moment  ♥

Ros Harris
Thank you for a beautiful afternoon, wonderful energy, and presence.



Ian Tippet
It was great to be part of this, thanks x

Tim Chalice
“This place where you are right now God circled on a map for you…”
Beautiful afternoon, thank you to those who made this happen xx


Lisa Cole
More of this please, I even got my 9 year old to be quiet for 30 minutes!



Eszter Laura Szűcs
Thanks all! It was lovely + great feeling to be together! =) i hope the next will come soon!

Sunday Light
It was beautiful to be part of..thank you ♥

medmob 12 Master Matthew Greenwood

Sit in Peace to bring Peace to Ourselves
and the World ☮


Screenshots taken from brilliant medmob video via UK Big Freeze on You Tube
See also – Images & Reviews of the meditation flashmob on college green
(Click on images to make biG)


Sit in Peace Medmob Bristol

Meditation Flashmob Images & Reviews –

College Green in Bristol, Sat 28th July

 ~ I couldn’t resist taking this, it was such a blissful scene

Vya Freeman:
So grateful to be part of such intention. The collective, still, peaceful radiant energy that naturally resides in us all….emanating outward from within. Very beautiful, and would be wonderful if our coming together could be more often ♥
♥ Loved it! Lovely and sunny too!! 

Lilly Illuminating Starfly:
Was lovely to be a part of something so beautiful. Thank u ♥

Shivani Sarah Fox:
loved sharing the peace on such a gorgeous sunny afternoon with such beautiful people  x

Michi Weave:
thanks everyone.
beautiful 30 minutes that could have lasted even longer  x

An excellent day!

Jas Baku:
Such a good vibe ~ thanks all
❤ + ☮ = 

Master Matthew Greenwood
Gratitude for a beautiful gathering, beautiful beings, all blessed with beautiful sunshine…. may all beings in the world be happy and at peace.


Amy Self:
…There I sat, thirty minutes of contemplation and breath. A sense of others in my parameter, a sense of safety and goodness longed for. The mind, free to meander through the thoughts that have been challenging it of late.
Encouraged, elevated and energized. A fresh start. A desire to meditate and make time for this amazing space in mind, body and soul.
Thank you, to all who made it possible.
Blessed be.



(Images via Sit in Peace participants ~
Jas Baku, Athena Faith Arcayan, Master Matthew Greenwood.
Click on them to make biG)

The brilliant write-up by Shivani Fox, from BCFM radio, on her blog about ‘loving living well.’ sums the experience up nicely.

And links (underlined) to our own run -up to the Sit in Peace:
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See how completely, brilliantly, meaningful the last flashmob was:
photos of Sit in Peace Meditation Flashmob on College Green, Bristol
Inspired by Tich Nhat Hanh “sit together in silence, generating the energy of peace, solidity, and freedom”
~ hundreds of like-minded people across the UK, sitting for a better world.





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