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Doctor Who vs. Star Wars

Meditation is a super-good way of keeping us looking younger.
Most effective on worry lines ;~)


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The Magic of Doctor Who is Our Magic Too

50th Doctor Who Celebrations Today !!

I’m not the only one totally stoked about tonight’s 50th episode, am I?
LoL, far from it 🙂


Why We Love Doctor Who:

 The Doctor’s Magic!

No really, he is!
OK, sorry, not everybody’s into Doctor Who, I’ll grant you. But an awful lot of us are. Maybe that’s because he is not so unlike us? He’s flawed and looking for answers same as we are.
There is something quite magical about the Doctor, what he stands for, and his inimitable style, which is quite uplifting.

˚˙¨*•.¸¸.☆   “Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly.”
 G.K. Chesterton


Yayy, and for me the Doctor is the sci-fi version of a Buddhist mendicant; wandering the Universe, giving a lift to those he can.

Doctor's note


As for us, we have limited choice what experiences our will ripen for us next. But we can help others, whilst creating the life we want to live.

 Travelling where we want to go 

What Sign?

Rory: “AH, the sign does say ‘Keep Out’.”
Doctor: “I see ‘keep out’ signs as suggestions, rather than actual orders. Like ‘dry clean only‘”.

The Doctor’s capricious and unpredictable, and bends the rules when needed.
He’s not anarchic, that wouldn’t particularly be of benefit to others. But the Doctor does think for himself, and uses his intuition and inner wisdom to guide him.

This way of playing means the Doctor normally wins the games he finds himself in. He knows and believes in himself, and the magic of things, allowing them to flow as one.
Even when he loses, the Doctor’s magic sparkles and sparks with an understanding that the Universe is a big place, where just about everything is possible.

It’s like with us. The path you’re on might not have turned out to be going in the direction you were planning; but stopping to admire the view gives you chance to evaluate it, use it,
or change it.


Time, Doctor Who, and

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Smith, Tennant, the Doctor

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Well, ‘today’ begins and ends at different times depending where on the planet you happen to be. For me, it’s now 4.30am and a new day is just beginning (tho even the birds won’t start their dawn chorus for ages yet).

It’s possible that the sun will have risen (and set once or more times) by the time that you read this, but definite that my ‘now’ will be your past. * Though in that all three times are functioning things; past, present and future all exist in the present.

Which just goes to show that even with time being relative, it doesn’t really exist. It’s kind of ‘wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey‘ as the Doctor would say. “Our time is personal for us; there’s no such thing as absolute time.” Einstein via Prof Brian Cox (The Science of Doctor Who, YT)
Why wait to wake up when there’s so many intresting things to experience and share?

☼ <(”) re-generates as

Fingers crossed, you won’t even notice the difference!

Talking about anniversaries and re-generation; this is the extended trailer for “The Day of the Doctor”, the 50th anniversary programme of Doctor Who. I am so looking forward to this!
Everyone excited?


Every one of us experiences many little deaths and re-births throughout our lives.
Each death is just another part of the journey.
Each re-birth brings with it imprints from the previous life; so best to make it worthwhile while it’s there.

“By each crime and every kindness we birth our future”
David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas

Never the spirit was born, the spirit shall cease to be never. Never was time it was not, end and beginning are dreams.
Bhagavad Gita

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Time, Dr.Who, and
Isn’t it best to make things worthwhile while we can?
On time and Dr. Who

.¸¸.✧  More on Dr.Who:

Equalising Doctor Who & The Daleks with Buddha’s Wisdom ~ Part 1Part 2
Doctor Who & Transforming Bad Situations into Something Better Than They Were Before


Dr. Who screenshot and Video trailer from the BBC
WordPress for helping with the re-generation

Equalising Doctor Who & the Daleks with Buddha’s Wisdom (pt 2)

Continued from
Equalising Doctor Who & The Daleks with Buddha’s Wisdom (pt 1)
Dissolving generations of enmity between the Doctor and the Daleks with Buddhist wisdom.

The Doctor suffering from Dalek aversion


 We’re in a Fabricated Reality

~ just like Oswin is.
Having discussed the basics of equanimity and equalising the Doctor and the Daleks in part 1, we can explore them further with Oswin.
We met Oswin when she helped to guide the Doctor and companions safely through the Dalek asylum in episode 1 of the new series.

Poor Oswin, she’s an intriguing character. Self admitted ‘slightly sexy genius’, she’s a cyber geek who can be cleverer than the Doctor.
Reclusive even for a geek, she doesn’t leave her shipwrecked cabin. Oswin’s been hiding there, unscathed for a year. She’s hacked into the Dalek’s hive mind. She has a tongue that’s a little too sharp for comfort.

These and other hints lead us to the chilling discovery that Oswin is actually a Dalek herself – something so unacceptable, she won’t even admit it to herself. She’s made up a whole reality to protect herself from the truth. The shipwrecked cabin she’s living in, is in reality, a mental fabrication.

[* video temporarily out of order]
*  The Doctor tells Oswin how she’s dreamed up her own little world to live in
….as do we all.

Our Reality isn’t Real

We’re all in a similar situation, BTW. Well, we haven’t all become Daleks; but the words you’re reading, the screen you’re looking at, the room you’re in – even the body you’re in – it’s all just a mental fabrication. No more real than the text on Oswin’s monitor or the cabin she’s in. It’s all an illusion created by a desperate mind.

OK, so that’s just TV, made in a TV studio. But the analogy is spot on for our situation. Our minds might not be that desperate, and the mental fabrication we’re living in is a result of our karma, rather than a coping mechanism; but it doesn’t exist outside of our minds, anymore than the soufflé Oswin makes exists outside of her mind.

This is profound Dharma. It takes some thinking about. (Many years, if you want to go down the rabbit hole to liberation ;~) But it’s worth some patient consideration anyway, as it can immediately take the sting out of things.


Buddhists call this lack of concrete, unfindable existence ’emptiness’. It’s how things exist. It’s the ultimate nature of reality. Everything comes from the mind, and even that doesn’t exist from it’s own side. Without even knowing it, we dream all this up – the joys, the pain, the everyday routine – none of it’s real.
As the Doctor tells Oswin “It’s a dream Oswin. You dreamed it for yourself.”

It’s not real. None of it is.  It was never really there.

Buddha explained emptiness emptiness using the dream analogy.
Ever noticed how real the dream appears to the dreamer? “In our dream a whole world appears to us, functioning in it’s own way… completely independent of our mind.” (Geshe Kelsang) When actually, the dreamscape is inseparable from the mind that’s dreaming it. Of course it is. But that’s how our waking world exists as well – inseparable from the mind that’s creating it. And it’s nowhere to be found outside of that mind.
Phenomena’s unfindability is its emptiness.” (Gen Samten)

the Equality of Doctor Who & the Daleks

We can see that there is no difference between the Doctor and the Daleks, in that they all want to be happy, and not to suffer (as do we all), and they’re going about it in completely the wrong way. They see each other as hostile, alien species. But showing a pretty young girl who’s been fully converted into a Dalek, shows us how underneath the metal casing and that  bow-tie; the Daleks and the Doctor aren’t so disimilar as they’d like to think.
As the 7th Dalai Lama said, “Whoever I behold, of high position or low… in essence they are all equal. They all experience problems in their lives.”

How many years have  the Doctor and the Daleks been fighting? And just how much do they hate each other? The Doctor says “I’ve tried to stop.” It hasn’t happened so far, but maybe with this understanding it could.

In emptiness there isn’t even a Doctor or any Daleks.

This is the killer shot that completely equalises them.

They’re all just mental fabrications, dreamed up by their respective minds. There’s no basis for hatred in the space of emptiness – and that’s what’s so blissful about it. Even just a glimmer of this wisdom in a mind darkened by anger can lighten it.
(more to come on this...)
The characters here are fictional – but it doesn’t take too much thinking about to equate it with situations we’re familiar with.
It’s not the easiest truth to get your head around, but so worth it. It’s ‘profound’ because it’s subtle and hard to understand. But as you do, everything rapidly changes for the better.

Geshe Kelsang Gyatso quotes from old hardcopies of Heart of Wisdom and Joyful Path of Good Fortune
Copyright of Dr. Who video owned by the BBC, reproduced for educational purposes.

See also:
Equalising Doctor Who & The Daleks with Buddha’s Wisdom (pt 1)
Meditations on emptiness from Vide Kadampa
Discussion on emptiness from Luna Kadampa
Luna’s current article A Temple for this place and time  (as above) reads well with this one

Comments (via You Tube)

☆ Doctor Who & Transforming Bad Situations into Something Better Than They Were Before

¸   . • * •. Sorry ~ this page disappeared into emptiness for awhile, but it’s back now 🙂 * .¸ 

 and, I found a geeky chic picture of the 10th Doctor via Maybe Genius, (worth posting ‘coz he’s my fave Doctor :~) There’s an interesting article there on the Doctor’s character development too.

Crisis = Opportunity? It’s happening for us all the time ~
My “OMG! What happened?! the new article’s not there, and I’ve posted links everywhere for it!” train of thought quickly became
“OMG that picture’s lush  and the article isn’t bad either…”

Why transform crisis into opportunity

The post that so effectively distracted me, doctor who: a character study, was I think written for writers? But what struck me is that the author’s final suggestion (quoted below) for character development isn’t so far away from the Buddhist practice of Lojong, or training the mind, which is a lot of what this blog’s about:

“Take away something your character loves dearly. Cut away their family. Steal their significant other. Annihilate their best friend. Destroy their freakin’ world. Then let them change. Let them grow. Let them become someone with a different outlook on the same past. Let them be stronger for it. And let the story continue.
“Despite everything, despite all he’s lost, the Doctor is still a person who loves humanity. He’s still a person who wants to save the world. Whatever shape he comes in, he’s still the Doctor. But he’s a stronger, more powerful, more beloved character because of what he had to do to stay true to his core.”

I love that!  It’s so true. It’s a big part of the spiritual path is all about, or just making something better out of the crap life throws at us.
From a spiritual point of view, we won’t develop and grow without moving beyond our comfort zone. Sometimes we need to be booted out. (And just as I’m typing this, as if to prove a point, my neighbour upstairs is making some really loud disgusting noises for me to transform.)

On an everyday mundane level, transforming situations with Buddha’s incredibly practical advice makes life more do-able. It improves situations, because our mind-set is different, and that is what shapes the situation.
Think about this.
Play with it.
It’s true.
And it works.

Scene from Asylum of the Daleks, click here for article on equalising the Doctor and the Daleks with Buddha’s wisdom.

Equalising Doctor Who & The Daleks with Buddha’s Wisdom (pt 1)


The Doctor suffering from Dalek aversion


Equanimity a balanced mind free from strong attachment and aversion, based on the ignorance of not knowing how things are.
This blissfully peaceful mind unfortunately doesn’t come naturally. It takes practice to see our way through deluded minds like attachment and aversion, which are distinctly lacking in happiness or peace. These states of mind are based on the ignorance of not knowing the truth of how thing really are. They cause us to grasp at some people and things, and reject others, causing all manner of problems.

Equanimity on the other hand, is a feel-good mind. It comes from holding others with a gentle, tender regard (Geshe Chekhawa). As we practice this, it naturally develops into what Shantideva describes as seeing “all beings equally with the eye of compassion.

That’s rather than the angry mind viewing others with the wish to vaporise them. That doesn’t solve anything. It doesn’t matter how many planets the Daleks destroy, or how many people they re-format – it’ll never make them happy.

¸   . •   *   ¨

As Shantideva says, “selfish desires are a bottomless pit.”

Equalising the Doctor and the Daleks

The understanding that we all want to be happy and free from suffering, leads to understanding the equality of self and others – that there really is no difference between any of us – we all want to be happy and free from suffering. Even the Daleks and the Doctor – they’re just going about it the wrong way. As long as they remain alien to each other, there’s little hope.

I love the Doctor to bits. He’s been one of my heroes since I was a kid. But this is his 11th regeneration, and he’s still suffering in similar ways to us humans on earth. How many remembered lifetimes does it take to work out that brilliant as he is, his methods just don’t work? Each time he saves the Universe, or just the Earth from annihilation from one heinous threat, another one comes along. There has to be another way, doesn’t there?
The problems just keep on coming.

You don’t have to be a fan of the Doctor to know he’s got history with the the Daleks . They’ve got generations of enmity between them.
It’s understandable really – The Daleks are “a powerful race bent on universal conquest and domination, utterly without pity, compassion or remorse.” (Wikipedia) And the Doctor caused the mutual genocide of both the Daleks, as well as his own race of Time-Lords.
Doesn’t seem like much there’s much room for finding common ground there.

But this is science fiction, set in space!
There’s lots of room for improvement in space.

The potential for these peaceful, powerful minds is found in Asylum of the Daleks.
(nb. ** 1st episode SPOILERS. I’ve not got a T.V, so I’m only just catching up with the new series myself)

Briefly, having been kidnapped by the Daleks and forced to help them; the Doctor and his companions are helped to navigate through the Dalek asylum by a ‘slightly sexy genius’ called Oswin. She’s immediately likeable, pretty, brave and perky. She’s trapped in a shipwrecked cabin and surrounded by Daleks. She’s only got a dictaphone and the Daleks’ hive mind that she’s hacked into for company.
Not best.
As Oswin says, she’s “keen to move on.


The Doctor and Rory feel affinity for Owin and don’t want her to suffer. These are the loving minds loving minds of compassion that Buddhism promotes, and the ones that will bring us peace and happiness. They’re the ones to work on.
Definitely preferable to vaporising people.

Continued in Equalising Doctor Who & The Daleks with Buddha’s Wisdom (pt 2)
Meditations on
Equanimity  from Daily Lamrim on Equalising Self and Others and Equanimity
Asylum of the Daleks ep 1, series 7 on BBC1 iPlayer
(so it’s good for the UK until 6th Oct, not sure about anywhere else)
Shantideva quotes from Meaningful to Behold, by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso

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