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Doctor Who vs. Star Wars

Meditation is a super-good way of keeping us looking younger.
Most effective on worry lines ;~)


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The Real Human Race is About Helping Others

The Real Human Race is about Helping Others


“Show class, have pride, and display character.
If you do, winning takes care of itself.”

Paul Bryant

It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles. Then the victory is yours.
It cannot be taken from you, not by angels or by demons, heaven or hell.”

“Honesty won’t get you many friends, but it will get you the right ones”
John Lennon

“A good name is more desirable than great riches;
to be esteemed is better than silver or gold.”
Beaudean Gilbank Proverbs 22

I didn’t know anything about this and that shows just how bad our media really are. Just watched a pathetic overpaid footballer appear to bite another player and we’ll hear about this for months. An act of remarkable good grace by an athlete however and tv, radio and the papers couldn’t give a toss!”
Richard Blackwell

2nd in the race but 1st in life well done!”
Mark Cartlidge

A long time ago I know Mike Palmer, but I love the story from the ’36 Olympics.
Jesse Owens had ‘no jumped’ twice in the first round and was in danger of being eliminated before the final. His biggest rival, a German named, quite ironically, Lutz Long went up to Owens and pointed out that Jesse was so good that even if he only made an ‘average’ jump it would be easily long enough to qualify.

He suggested that Jesse should therefore start his ‘run up’ six inches behind where he normally started from, thus ensuring a ‘clean’ jump and certain qualification.
Owens took his advice, qualified and won the Gold the following day. Lutz Long came second and stated that he had no regrets as winning Gold without Owens in the competition would have been a hollow victory.”
Thomas Balls


via  Graduate Fasttrack on FaceBook
The final comments borrowed from there too.

Somerset Flood Images. Seeing Beauty in the Devastation

Somerset floods, Shaun Green

The flooding of the Somerset Levels UK, seen through a different lens.

Somerset Flood.Metro.Dyer.Shanti.png

Flooded House♡.¸¸.✧˙˚

Although Devastating and Heartbreaking the levels still look Stunning.
Hopefully there is brightness ahead for all those suffering
A. King

Just reading the Facebook posts (where I borrowed these quotes and some of these images from), it seems that that brightness and loving-kindness is already shining through people.
Like M. Perry said, “I think that it has brought many people together.

Flooded Somerset Levels Peter Spencer

Empowering Ourselves

Because seeing things with a lighter mind makes us feel brighter.
Changing how things appear to us, changes what they are in the here and now.

Everything being merely an appearance to our mind empowers us to change the way things are.
We’re not the powerless victims of circumstance,
we’re in control.
We are co-creators of our own destiny.

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☆ Photo Break: Somerset Flood Defence

Flood defences on a street in Somerset, with a handy gap for the water to go when high tide hits.


Somerset flood defence


* Somerset is a county at the bottom of the UK.
It’s mostly rural, with close connections to the Bristol channel and twinned 
with the Atlantic Ocean.

☆  NEW!! Photo Break on Cosmic Loti

Images that are topical, thought provoking, funny, tragic, spiritual and a bit awesome (both in its original sense, and it’s current usage, meaning that it’s vaguely interesting).

Because our world exists as we perceive it, not as it is (in that it isn’t);
looking at it laterally can be quite helpful.

It’s high time I started sharing these little gems that are stored in my imagination, memory and hard dive. (They were saved for a rainy day LoL)

Let us know what you think 🙂

Clicking on them will probably take you to a parallel universe, and a related post. Or it might not….


☆ Top photo: Charlie Brooker’s Weekly Wipe, BBC 1
☆ Train photo: @Telegraph on Twitter
Submerged train line via Buzzfeed


Somerset by Train

Somerset by Train


☆ Our Love and Prayers go out to all beings affected by the floods in Somerset


Somerset train line

After the weekend’s rain, here’s that train line now.

Hey, and guess what
that flood barrier didn’t work.
Donations for those affected can be sent via
the Somerset Emergency Flood Relief Fund Appeal.

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