Epic Amitabha 20 Years of Public Service Leaflet Revision


Epic‘ here used to mean something the author is personally quite emotionally involved with, but is only vaguely interesting to everyone else (according to current use of the word). It could equally be ‘awesome‘, which has been similarly downgraded in meaning.
Oh, the tragedy of  the commonplace dumbing down of  language.
:’-(Seriously. The only logical explanation for the  success of ’50 Shades of Grey’ must be the author’s good karma. Congrats to her, but it’s not like it’s going to win any literary prizes)

 Apologies also for re-posting a similar leaflet, but you can’t spend this much time on something and not post it on your blog.
Especially since the last time I had to do something like this I was having an emotional crisis / crisis of faith. So it consequently wasn’t designed intuitively, but in-between fits of sobbing into a tin mug of riocha (not the best way to do anything. On any level.)

So this feels like a redemption of sorts for that time of my life ~ about the same time 2 years ago.
I’m a fitter, better person now (and yes, I did listen to Radiohead then).

I can’t tell yous how amazingly good it feels to be able to do something for others and then share it with still others!
So thank you a trillion times over if you’re part of this 🙂

Epic final revision of the Amitabha 20 Years of Public Service Leaflet


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Text by Dave TJ, design by Jas)
For more on this see the website at  Amitabha Centre, Bristol, UK

Amitabha Buddhist Centre ~ 20 years of Public Service

How our

Buddhist centre keeps an attitude of servitude to our local community

ABC ~We’re here for you

“Our intention in teaching Dharma is not just to spread Buddhism. We are trying to help the people of this world by giving them special methods to solve their daily problems and to achieve the permanent happiness of liberation. In itself, the flourishing of Buddhadharma is not important unless it benefits others. This is the main purpose of Buddhism.”
Geshe Kelsang Gyatso

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(Text by Dave tJ, design by Jas. Leaflet design currently being drafted, but I didn’t want to neglect these sites any longer ;~)

Local News: Powa for Kelsang Trinlay

Powa for Kelsang Trinlay at Amitabha Centre,
Mon 18th, 5pm.

Trinlay died in hospital 13th Jun.  He was a long-time Kadampa who lived at Amitabha for a while. I knew him from our centre at Leigh Woods.
He was dedicated to the study and practice of Dharma, which shone from him like a light. OK yeah, he could be annoying at times – but who can’t?! He was a sincere and very kind practitioner.

If you can’t make the powa
(prayers to send the deceased to the pure land)

Just sit peacefully and offer up some prayers for him from where you are. It’s the mind of compassion that counts here ~ location is merely imputed.

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nb. best to call the centre on 0117 9745160 or mail info@meditationinbristol.org to check details of the powa first.

Local News ~ ABC’s timetable for this W/END

The itinerary for the weekend coming.

And it’s forecast sunny on Saturday!
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Local News ~ Summer Fayre and Afternoon Course with Gen Chonden

This Weekend!

Saturday 9th, 2-6pm Summer fayre
Sunday 10th, 2-5pm Four Seals Afternoon Course with Gen Chönden

All Welcome 🙂 

ABC e-newsletter
and centre publicity by Sengé

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Happy 81st Birthday Geshe La ❤

Kadampa Life

Wrote this a few years ago, but it is still relevant! Please do share your own comments too.

Turning the Wheel of Dharma

Today, June 4, is the birthday of my kind teacher, Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, and I want to mark the occasion by writing something about him. His birthday falls auspiciously on the day of Buddha Shakyamuni’s first teaching, called Turning the Wheel of Dharma Day; and for me and many thousands of other students, Geshe Kelsang, or Geshe-la as we like to call him, has been the one who has turned the Wheel of Buddha Shakyamuni’s teachings for us.

There is not a snowflake’s chance in hell that I could even begin to do him justice in one article, of course, even though I apologize in advance for its length. But I’ll try and highlight a few of his qualities as I see it, in case you are interested in…

View original post 1,785 more words

Sit in Peace 2 – Bristol Meditation Flash Mob · By Sit in Peace Bristol

    • Sit in Peace 2

       – Bristol Meditation Flash Mob

      · Saturday, 28 July 2012

    • 14:30 until 15:00

  • Sit in Peace Bristol ~ looking forward to the next Meditation Flash Mob in Bristol 🙂
  • Anything underlined here is a link, so click away!
  • If you don’t live in Bristol, Meditation Flash Mobs are organised worldwide:
    Med Mobs and Meditate for World Peace

    · From Sit in Peace Bristol on Facebook:
    We warmly invite everyone and anyone to come together once again in a precious opportunity to meditate or sit in silence. We shall be offering this 30 minutes of tranquility to our beautiful and often busy city of Bristol at 2.30pm on Saturday 28th July 2012 on College Green.

Previous feedback:

“Beautiful being part of Sit in Peace meditation today in Bristol. Wonderful energy and special time.”
“Just back from this…totally blissful vibe, radiating peace put to Brizzle and beyond.”
“Just back from the Flashmob meditation outside the cathedral in Bristol City. Such a beautful, rich and full experience of depth, quietude, gentleness and love. Seeing beautiful faces I ‘know’ and meeting some new friends too. Thank you to all x x x Sublime…”
“I’ve just got home after participating in a flash mob meditation event! Silent and more static than the usual dancing and stuff of course – but fabulous. At College Green in Bristol, just sitting and meditating for 30 minutes, connecting up with some global spiritual leaders doing the same.”
“Medmob 31 March 2012, College Green, Bristol. Stillness and contemplation in the heart of the city. Extraordinary”
“Thanks, this felt very meaningful, may everyone experience lasting peace!”

College Green, BS1 5SH Bristol, United Kingdom

Meditation Flashmob in Bristol City Centre, Spring 2012

… of interest on here:
See how completely, brilliantly, meaningful the last flashmob was:
photos of Sit in Peace Meditation Flashmob on College Green, Bristol
Inspired by Tich Nhat Hanh “sit together in silence, generating the energy of peace, solidity, and freedom”
Hundreds of like-minded people across the UK, sitting for a better world.

… on Facebook:
Wake Up Bristol
Love Movements

This is a public event ~ would love to see you there.
And if you go to a similar event where you are, let us know! I’d happily publish any photos, illustrations or write-ups of your experiences.

+ ❤  = 🙂

When i see phenomena like this being created, it gives me hope that together we can really make a better world.
Photo by Duncan Maybury

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