Somerset Flood Images. Seeing Beauty in the Devastation

Somerset floods, Shaun Green

The flooding of the Somerset Levels UK, seen through a different lens.

Somerset Flood.Metro.Dyer.Shanti.png

Flooded House♡.¸¸.✧˙˚

Although Devastating and Heartbreaking the levels still look Stunning.
Hopefully there is brightness ahead for all those suffering
A. King

Just reading the Facebook posts (where I borrowed these quotes and some of these images from), it seems that that brightness and loving-kindness is already shining through people.
Like M. Perry said, “I think that it has brought many people together.

Flooded Somerset Levels Peter Spencer

Empowering Ourselves

Because seeing things with a lighter mind makes us feel brighter.
Changing how things appear to us, changes what they are in the here and now.

Everything being merely an appearance to our mind empowers us to change the way things are.
We’re not the powerless victims of circumstance,
we’re in control.
We are co-creators of our own destiny.

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Mere Appearance

In that ‘external phenomena’ aren’t self-existent,
and things aren’t actually out there at all.
Good or bad, it really all is dependent upon our mind.

horse and cart

“Outer phenomena are like illusions
like dreams,
and reflections on a still lake;
for though they appear they do not truly exist.”


River Tone, Somerset. Alan Thorner


Though ultimately non-existent, the floods caused a lot of damage.
*Flood water from farmland is toxic to dogs!
They love playing in it and drinking it, but it has been lethal =^••^=

People have lost their livelihoods and homes.
Happiness comes from the wisdom realising phenomena’s lack of inherent existence, and compassion wishing to relieve the suffering of others.
Please send love, prayers and if you wish to give something, here’s the link:

* Donate
via the Somerset Emergency Flood Relief Fund Appeal

floods, www.westernmorningnews.cCredits:
For general photo credits,
and to make them larger,
please click on images.

Rainbow: Shaun Green
Upper Sunset: Peter Spencer
Lower Sunset: Alan Thorner
Bramble the spaniel:
Ollie Thorner

With thanks to: FLAG Flooding on the Levels Action FB Group

Appearances except from: Dream a Better World
Emptiness of phenomena quote: Great Treasury of Merit,
Geshe Kelsang Gyatso

Like This:
☆ Cosmic Loti Photo Break: Somerset Flood Defence

  • ˚˙❤.¸¸.✧

    Not really in Somerset, and seeing other people’s kids is normally all the birth control I need; but how cute?
    This not only surpassing cute, but what a reaction to rain!!
    LoLoLoL Sweeeet !!

    Bramble, Ollie Thorner

5 Comments (+add yours?)

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  2. Shanti Baku
    Feb 25, 2014 @ 12:46:14

    Reply / Poem via Mohammed Bashiruddin on FB:

    Memories lasts forever never do they die,
    True friends stay together and never say goodbye…

    Losing a property is not as bad as losing a LIFE…
    So why can’t we all live a long and happy life
    as the real purpose of life is simply…
    Loving Individuals For Eternity.



  3. mummaz
    Feb 25, 2014 @ 13:15:29

    Loved the stunning images of the Somerset flood plains they looked so beautiful
    with the setting sun adding to their glory.
    Beauty on the surface, but a terrible mess below, – a reflection of many people – who would like to obliterate the trauma inside and be tranquil and loving as the outer persona.
    Prayers and good wishes to all those who have suffered.
    The video of the little toddler enjoying the rain was so sweet.



  4. Dilip
    Mar 09, 2014 @ 09:00:42

    Incredible photos and lovely quotes! But our prayers for the unfortunate and the affected.



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