Peaceful New Year & New Moon Blessings

It’s New year’s Eve !

What better time to have a peaceful party for peace.
Well, not a ‘party’ as such, more of a gathering of like minds in solidarity ;~)
Riding the waves of the energy shift towards a new dawn for Earth.

As the birds sing in the dawn,
so a new light dawns on planet Earth.
Planets connect in love and peace.

Asket, Pleiades, via Shanti
* (Solidarity – unity of feeling and action)

“Here,New Moon
in this moment –
there is a gathering
of kindred spirits,
and all there is to do
is to allow
a quieting down –
just a little,Stonehenge stars
just enough to hear
a soft whisper
of calm and of peace
and then ever so gently
taking one more step
just a little deeper,
here,Sun meditator
in the calmest part
of each of our hearts
as we gather
in the peace
of this place.”


✧ from Laurie’s Notes:
a gathering of kindred spirits, about finding the natural path to our hearts.

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January New Moon

11.14am GMT: The Capricorn New Moon falling on the first day of 2014 has a truthful and optimistic aspect (thanks to Nunki, a fortunate star :~)

New Years and New moons are brilliant times to purge old and outdated ways; and determine to replace them with modes of behaviour more suited to who we want to be…

So maybe this is the time to let go of inauthenticity,
and replace it with an integrity.

Cynicism and pessimism can be dismissed by an open curiosity.

Wether we are alone or with others tonight,
listening to the fireworks outside;
loneliness can dissolve into a mind of love ♡

And a noisy mind can be subdued by a mind pacified and still.

❤ + ☮ =   º‿º

“You hold the role of beacon of light for many others.”

Kathumi’s advice on partaking of the Ascenscion energies; of the value of communicating from the heart space; and of the input of other beings at this time.
Channelled via Marlene Swetlishoff.


✧ from Kadampa Life:
Learning to meditate in 2014 and Drop into your heart and breathe

and via Cosmic Loti:
 ✧ a Solstice ♡ Meditation on Love
✧ Breathing Peace, Tich Nhat Hanh
✧ Breathing Meditation by Gen Tharchin

New Moon Rituals:

✧ Alexandra Carabine:
New Moon Tarot Ritual
✧ soul sanctuary reiki:
New Moon Ritual Tonight!!! Rockin out your Inner Goddess!! 

✧ Why these would work: Awaken to 2014 with a New Supermoon

¸   . •   ☽ ‘  *   ¨ 

B 4 Peace

B4 Peace

More from Bloggers for Peace:

✧ Everyday Guru’s: Monthly Peace Challenge: Party On, Garth!
by Kozo Hattori

✧ the INFP: Twelfth Bloggers for Peace post
✧ Ellyn Baker: 
Peace Gathers Here! 

✧ Invitation to the Elite Party:
silentlyheardonce, a poem.


YT Video from Matt Muckleroy
Meditator image (© Yuri Arcurs / Fotolia)

Problem Solver quote via Purple Aggregates
014 Graphic via Pleiadian-Starseed

(Click on images to make biG)



Problem Solver

¸   . •   ☽ ‘ *  



13 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Anonymous
    Dec 31, 2013 @ 19:33:47

    Wishing you a peaceful New Year. Thanks you for sharing your inspiring thoughts with others here on your blog. You have set my New Year to start on the most positive note. I will be wishing you well as we greet midnight – and all who read your blog. Rebecca : )



  2. lauriesnotes
    Dec 31, 2013 @ 19:49:04

    Aw, thanks for the quote ♡
    Love the photos.
    Happy new year.



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  4. mummaz
    Jan 01, 2014 @ 10:54:52

    Thank you for this post I wish for a peaceful and contented new year for all. With the new moon this morning is the time for new beginnings, discarding all unwanted `baggage`. Happiness is in your heart to share with loved ones.
    Loved the quotes and photos..



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  6. Kozo Hattori
    Jan 09, 2014 @ 20:33:07

    I love so much about this peace post, Shanti. I love “And a noisy mind can be subdued by a mind pacified and still.

    ❤ + ☮ = º‿º”

    I love that you quote Laurie, another Blogger for Peace. I love the hope and the timeliness. {{{hugs}}} Kozo



    • Shanti Baku
      Jan 10, 2014 @ 03:18:43

      Kozo! Thank you 🙂
      Laurie’s poem is beautiful, isn’t it. And I do feel that there is much hope and belief that we can create a new, better world. The amazing response to your monthly peace challenges shows how varied and sincere this can be; even in our little corner of cyberspace.



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