Time, Doctor Who, and CosmicLoti.com

post-milestone-200-!Hello people!
Now that Cosmic Lottie’s officially 2 years old,
and has topped 200 posts;
(that’s her e-card from Word Press :~) her birthday gift is complete! So just FYI ~

the jasbaku.com domain expires today

Smith, Tennant, the Doctor

¨*•.¸¸.❤ ☆

Well, ‘today’ begins and ends at different times depending where on the planet you happen to be. For me, it’s now 4.30am and a new day is just beginning (tho even the birds won’t start their dawn chorus for ages yet).

It’s possible that the sun will have risen (and set once or more times) by the time that you read this, but definite that my ‘now’ will be your past. * Though in that all three times are functioning things; past, present and future all exist in the present.

Which just goes to show that even with time being relative, it doesn’t really exist. It’s kind of ‘wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey‘ as the Doctor would say. “Our time is personal for us; there’s no such thing as absolute time.” Einstein via Prof Brian Cox (The Science of Doctor Who, YT)
Why wait to wake up when there’s so many intresting things to experience and share?

☼ <(”) 

JasBaku.com re-generates as CosmicLoti.com

Fingers crossed, you won’t even notice the difference!

Talking about anniversaries and re-generation; this is the extended trailer for “The Day of the Doctor”, the 50th anniversary programme of Doctor Who. I am so looking forward to this!
Everyone excited?


Every one of us experiences many little deaths and re-births throughout our lives.
Each death is just another part of the journey.
Each re-birth brings with it imprints from the previous life; so best to make it worthwhile while it’s there.

“By each crime and every kindness we birth our future”
David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas

Never the spirit was born, the spirit shall cease to be never. Never was time it was not, end and beginning are dreams.
Bhagavad Gita

.¸¸.✧ Thank you!
♡ Shanti

tiny smilie fowie.¸¸.✧  The Url Trilogy:

Vote on my URL!
Thanks for 2 years at WordPress

Mere Name! Cosmic Loti . Com is here ⍲‿⍲
CosmicLoti.Com is replacing JasBaku.Com as the site’s url.
Why is this important? Planets, your socks and this web log, only exist because they were named.

Time, Dr.Who, and CosmicLoti.com
Isn’t it best to make things worthwhile while we can?
On time and Dr. Who

.¸¸.✧  More on Dr.Who:

Equalising Doctor Who & The Daleks with Buddha’s Wisdom ~ Part 1Part 2
Doctor Who & Transforming Bad Situations into Something Better Than They Were Before


Dr. Who screenshot and Video trailer from the BBC
WordPress for helping with the re-generation

9 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Shanti Baku
    Nov 15, 2013 @ 09:32:37

    * And as if to demonstrate that point in the most mundane fashion, my blender broke just as I was going to publish, putting even more strain on the time thing :0 Right getting into fruit/veg smoothies the now, and was looking forward to that morning energy hit too.
Ah well, these things happen. That’s a Vitamix on the Christmas list then.



  2. ~meredith
    Nov 15, 2013 @ 13:18:56

    ¡WOO HOO! (Congratulations on the transmutation)

    You’re such a great inspirer of adventure.



    • Shanti Baku
      Nov 17, 2013 @ 08:00:13

      Thank you Meredith 🙂 Changing url was surprisingly scary.
      Not only is there the fear of losing all those followers who only bookmarked you and don’t know where the blog went; who’re now lost in the abyss of ‘URL not found’…
      There’s also the constant messages and mail from WordPress :s like this “Your blog uses a domain subscription that has expired.” !! That makes it sound like Lottie’s living on borrowed time and if she dies it’s my fault!
      ~ Support from y’all is much appreciated.



  3. gita4elamats
    Nov 15, 2013 @ 15:38:56

    I’m excited!



    Nov 15, 2013 @ 22:29:38

    Shanti Baku…
    Congratulations on your new incarnation ;).

    Do you mind me asking what Shanti Baku and Cosmic Loti mean?
    My intuition is telling me it is compassionate and wise.
    {I just love to know the meaning of words}.

    Regarding the Dr.Who trailer…
    It was very intriguing.
    I shall have to put Dr.Who on my shows to watch list.
    {There are so many}.

    I loved the concept of Dr.Who facing himself!
    {It is very Jungian to face your shadow}.
    However, it looks like he is actually facing himself literally- in the future or the past.
    It is very difficult to tell since I haven’t watched the show.

    Is there a lot of philosophy on the show?
    I say that because I heard,
    “Great men are forged in fire.
    It is the privilege of lesser men to light the flame.”
    {I loved that quote}.
    My intellectual curiosity perked right up.

    Have you done a “philosophy of Dr.Who” post yet?
    If you have then I need to read it.

    {I heard that a few of the actors from one of my favourite shows Being Human -BBC version- have appeared on Dr.Who.
    I really enjoy British television}.

    As for quotes…
    I liked them all but especially this one…
    “Every one of us experiences many little deaths and re-births throughout our lives.
    Each death is just another part of the journey.
    Each re-birth brings with it imprints from the previous life; so best to make it worthwhile while it’s there.”

    Yes we all experience spiritual deaths and re-births through-out our lives.
    The idea of making it worthwhile while we are here reminds me of something I read.
    I wish I could remember who wrote it but the idea is that life is a dream.
    It does not matter in the least if life is a dream.
    The point is to have good intentions and live in an ethical way through good actions/loving kindness, etc.
    Could it be from the Tibetan book of living and dying?
    is it Pema Chödrön?
    {I think it was from Buddhist literature}.
    Does this sound familiar to you at all?

    I would also like to disagree with your disclaimer of “at least one new quality post per month.”
    Every single one of your posts is a quality post ;).
    I deeply enjoy reading your blog {and I am so grateful for your interest, kindness and support for mine}.
    Thank you for all the hard work you put into it.
    It is a treasure and a library for Buddhists, those interested in Buddhism and everyone over all.
    Cosmic Loti always keeps me on my spiritual path ;).
    Well done friend.

    Happy blog birthday!
    I raise my cup/mug of tea to you in celebration :).

    Peace & Love…



    • Shanti Baku
      Nov 17, 2013 @ 10:09:43

      Thank you! Your blog is worth checking out too 🙂 Most interesting ideas and striking images. Definite quality. Blogs can be hard work, can’t they. But so worth it, aren’t they.
      Thank you for asking, words and how we use them matter so much, don’t they?
      Shanti is Sanskrit for peace. It’s my real name (and a lifelong path to follow).
      A Baku is a bad dream eater. It’s another aspiration ~ but isn’t that the best? Dispelling nightmare situations with a peaceful mind?

      Cosmic Loti ~ Lotuses grow in mud and flower in the pristine air above. So they’re a symbol of purity; of becoming strong and beautiful, because we had to grow through the mud to breathe the clean fresh air above. It’s cosmic because these ideas are for everybody to share and learn from. And our thought patters and behavoirs affect the universe.
      (See the ‘About‘ page for more on both.)
      Dr Who is facing himself, tho’ the John Hurt character (new) does appear to be most shadow-like; it’s not the first time the Doctor’s shadow has manifested. There is a lot of philosophy in Dr.Who, and comment on how our world is run. Defo recommended; I do think you’d like it.
      Mega idea that – a “philosophy of Dr.Who” post! In time for the 50th anniversary programme coming up… one to work on 🙂

      Yes, life is no more real than last night’s dream. The dream analogy is my favourite emptiness analogy, as it shows how real we can appear to be; while not existing outside of our mind. Not sure about your reference, but many Buddhist authors discuss dreams. The Dream Series on here talks about them as well.



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