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Thanks to all who voted in our poll;
Lottie won hands down.
(◠) ❤                                                                                                                                                                   That means JasBaku.Com is being replaced by CosmicLoti.Com as the site’s url. (The web address at the top. Though I think JasBaku.Com will still be operational for awhile :~)

Why is this important? Because name matters.

All Phenomena are Mere Name

This is what Buddha said to one of his disciples, Shariputra, when he was giving a discourse on the true nature of reality.
Naming is a process by which we create and define our world.

Buddha was telling his disciple that a name is much more than a label; by naming something we bring it into existence.

Kepler 78b and its star. (NASA / JPL-Caltech).

Kepler 78b & its star

Like when astronomers discovered this new exoplanet recently:
It was orbiting its star, minding its own business,  unnamed, unnoticed, and unimportant.

Now it’s been noted and named Kepler 78b.
With a name comes a new state of being, a new status. Kepler 78b has been brought into existence.


Pluto & moon

Pluto & moon

Before it got it’s catchy new name, this was just an insignificant Earth-sized planet outside of our solar system.
Now it’s ‘Kepler 78b’, an exoplanet that came into existence in complete dependence on the process of naming.
“The same is true of forms and all other phenomena”
from blogs to socks.

This is a subtle distinction, but one definitely worth consideration, because this is the nature of everything we experience.

Names matter.
Think of the outcry
when Pluto was demoted.

It has insufficient mass to rate as a planet, and so was voted down to the newly created classification of “dwarf planet”.
Some astronomers are still upset about that one.
I can see why. We get attached to familiar things; and planets seem pretty much self-existent and fixed.

“Objects seem to be independent of our mind and independent of other phenomena. The universe appears to consist of discrete objects that have an existence from their own side. These objects appear to exist in themselves as stars, planets, and so forth, waiting to be experienced by conscious beings.”

¸   . •   o  O

And re-classifying Pluto changed what it was.
Yes, Pluto is still a reddish-brown lump of rock and ice, 4.2 billion km away from Earth (albeit with an extremely elliptical orbit); but somehow, calling it a dwarf planet instead of a proper planet stripped it of its former glory. It felt like we’d been robbed.

It’s worth asking; is Pluto, as some sort of planet, still out there, doing its elliptical thing?  Or is it just another object in the Kuiper Belt, getting less significant the more we think about it?
Because that’s worth thinking about; how changing the way we think about Pluto, changes what it is for us.

In fact, is Pluto still out there?
Was it ever ‘out there’ at all?
And did Kelper 78b or the Kuiper belt even exist for you before you read this?

Really, do they now…?
And what of the other 991 exoplanets discovered by astronomers.
How do they exist, if at all?

Proper Planet -> dwarf planet -> asteroid in the Kuiper Belt -> ~ o ~ ?!



¸   . •   o  O  ˚ ☽   *   ¨  
SO Lottie getting her own URL is like her becoming a proper web site. Together we have created cosmicloti.com.
How sweet is that? 




.¸¸.✧  The Url Trilogy:

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Mere Name! Cosmic Loti . Com is here ⍲‿⍲
CosmicLoti.Com is replacing JasBaku.Com as the site’s url.
Why is this important? Planets, your socks and this web log, all came into existence in complete dependence on the process of naming.

Time, Dr.Who, and CosmicLoti.com
Isn’t it time to make things worthwhile while we can?
On time and Dr. Who

Space images via NASA
Quotes from Heart of Wisdom, Geshe Kelsang Gyatso

In accordance with the above post, my quest for authenticity, and because real, human people are starting to call me by my on-line tag, (which feels too weird!) I’m starting to use my real name.
* Kind of, ‘Baku’ is an Asian mythological creature. It means bad dream eater, which is more of an aspiration than fact for me.
Bakus don’t have fingers either, so couldn’t type this…..

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