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…Why? Because “If we wish to experience pure happiness, we must acquaint our minds with the truth.” Geshe la, Modern Buddhism

Dream-like emptiness ~


the True Nature of our Reality pt 4,


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This is the last in this series, so it’s your turn now ~ how useful do you think the idea of dream-like emptiness is? Do you have another ‘pet emptiness meditation’ that you prefer? Or is this approach just not helpful, as it takes our attention way from what we need to do in the real world….

dream elephant


the dream series ~

nb. Aren’t blogs amazing?
Unlike boring old TV, which tells you what to think, and where ‘last in series‘ could mean that you’ve missed an epic saga. In a blog, you get to think for yourself, and all you have to do is click on a link to get the previous bit (or the next, depending where you landed :~).

So here’s the dream series, reblogs and originals


pt 1, Cosmic Loti:  Dream Like Emptiness ~ the True Nature of our Reality

None of this could exist without our mind perceiving it. It’s all empty of independent existence, a state known as ‘emptiness’.

pt 2, Life is but a dream: Like a Dream
Nagarjuna’s view of dream-like emptiness.

pt 3, Cosmic Loti: Dream a Better World. 
Dream lands and the waking world are experientially the same. That’s why they both feel equally real, and that’s why we can influence them far more than we give ourselves credit for.

pt 4, Kadampa Life: Am I Dreaming?
Buddha’s teachings reveal the truth that everything is like a dream.  


Kadampa Life

For years I have been using my dreams to gain a deeper understanding of the ultimate nature of reality. I’ve trained myself to remember my dreams first thing in the morning and compare them to my waking world in order to see for myself the truth of Buddha’s teachings that everything is like a dream.

Why do I want to do that? Because I find life is a lot more fun when I am not grasping at it in a crunchy real way, and can instead dissolve away appearances and have choice over how to impute and perceive my world. Our own dreams show how everything depends upon our mind – if our mind changes, our world changes, and if our mind ceases, the object ceases. As my teacher Geshe Kelsang says in How to Understand the Mind:

Just as all the things experienced in a dream are mere…

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