The Precariat Class of Samara

Precariat?! Merge precarious with proletariat and you get the Precariat Class

Japanese freeters

Freeters in Japan

The UK suddenly has a precariat class.
We’re not alone of course, the precariat class has been emerging in advanced societies for years now.

But the UK’s traditional class structure is so out of date, it’s been re-jigged to make it more accurate. This involves making up names for the seven classes of people created. Naming something brings it into existence. Imagine the shock of thousands of folk suddenly finding out that this is who they really are:
Class Test

* “I’m middle class. I was so surprised, I nearly dropped my focaccia.”
* “Bow, peasants… I’ve just found out I’m in the Elite group in Britain’s new class system”
* “Broke and cultured?! Just found out I’m in the Technical Middle Class group in Britain’s new class system. ”
* “I’m a disabled Precariat, which means I have a condition of existence without predictability or security. Lucky me!”

via #WhatsYourClass on Twitter

You get the picture.

Valmont & TourvelleWe’ve now got seven classes instead of the original three, (upper, middle and working); with the privileged Elite sitting upon its massive wealth at the top. (Although if they’ve any sense, they’ll be re-distributing it to benefit others ~ which is karmically how they got that wealth to begin with.)

Way at the bottom is the Precariat class.

“The emergence of this class could lead society towards a political inferno”; it could be “a force forging a new politics of paradise … a harbinger of the Good Society in the 21st-century“.
Guy Standing, ‘The Precariat’.

So the Precariats, rather than being the suffering victims, could become heroes.
Our choice really, isn’t it.

Ah yes, just found out that I’m a precariat 😐
Although that does seem to be based more on the ramifications of being disabled than anything else. (A whole other arena for social comment.)

The Precariat

Precariats have definitely got the incentive to start political fires. In the newest and lowest status in the class system, precariats have ‘a condition of existence without predictability or security. This affects material and psychological welfare.
New Oxford American Dictionary

~ 0 ~ Hang on, isn’t that the definition of samsara?
You know, the cycle of uncontrolled birth, death and rebirth that we’re all trapped in?

Nothing is certain for the Precariat,
or any class in samsara

This dictionary definition does make it sound very much like like samsara. Samsara is a Buddhist term meaning the cycle of uncontrolled birth, death and rebirth that we’re all imprisoned in at present, and from which the only escape is liberation and/or enlightenment.Samsara

It’s unpredictable because we really don’t know what’s going to happen next.
Of course we’ve got a general plan for the rest of the day. But how often does it work out just as we planned?
Sometimes things go unexpectedly, wonderfully well. But they are just as likely to go wrong as they are to go right.

As Geshe Kelsang says, even your own death will be unexpected. Scary but true.
Life is most unpredictable.

Security is in scant supply as well.
In samsara, no condition is certain.” Geshe Kelsang Gyatso

Status soon turns to servitude.
Beauty quickly changes, like a flower in Autumn.
Wealth is soon lost, as if merely lent.
Life quickly perishes like lightning in the sky.” the seventh Dalai Lama

I booked place and a flight to the big NKT festival in Portugal to see my Guru again, certain that there’d be enough accommodation for us all… and didn’t get any. A bit gutted to say the least.

Nothing is certain in samsara,
whatever class you’re in

“Whenever we see anyone in a high or low position, male or female, they differ only in appearance, dress, behaviour and status. In essence they are all equal, they all experience problems in their lives.”
Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, Transform Your Life

I'm not a precariat, I'm a radient being!

I’m not a Precariat, I’m a radiant being!

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Image Credits:
the BBC’s Class Test
Les Liasons Dangereuses
Book cover, Guy Standing, ‘The Precariat’
Radiant Spirits, the positivity garden on FB

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jon Hickery
    Apr 04, 2013 @ 12:31:25

    The outer-entanglements get even more convoluted don’t they. Thank goodness for pure Dharma. Thanks Jas!



    • Jas Baku
      Apr 04, 2013 @ 12:58:41

      Thank you Jon. Was just going to take that test while the kettle boiled. HA!
      Couldn’t believe the definition of precariat! It described samsara so well it was like I’d tripped over a glitch in the Matrix. I think Geshe la poking was looking out at me through the monitor – “Hello? Is anybody there?”



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