The Precariat Class of Samara

Precariat?! Merge precarious with proletariat and you get the Precariat Class

Japanese freeters

Freeters in Japan

The UK suddenly has a precariat class.
We’re not alone of course, the precariat class has been emerging in advanced societies for years now.

But the UK’s traditional class structure is so out of date, it’s been re-jigged to make it more accurate. This involves making up names for the seven classes of people created. Naming something brings it into existence. Imagine the shock of thousands of folk suddenly finding out that this is who they really are:
Class Test

* “I’m middle class. I was so surprised, I nearly dropped my focaccia.”
* “Bow, peasants… I’ve just found out I’m in the Elite group in Britain’s new class system”
* “Broke and cultured?! Just found out I’m in the Technical Middle Class group in Britain’s new class system. ”
* “I’m a disabled Precariat, which means I have a condition of existence without predictability or security. Lucky me!”

via #WhatsYourClass on Twitter

You get the picture.

Valmont & TourvelleWe’ve now got seven classes instead of the original three, (upper, middle and working); with the privileged Elite sitting upon its massive wealth at the top. (Although if they’ve any sense, they’ll be re-distributing it to benefit others ~ which is karmically how they got that wealth to begin with.)


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