Poem for the English Spring Equinox


Equinox. Natalie Gray. Laudano

Happy Equinox

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Poem: Natalie Gray
Image: Laudano

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12 Comments (+add yours?)

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  2. Saba-Thambi
    Mar 22, 2013 @ 11:45:25

    While you are looking forward to your spring, we are waiting for the autumn & winter in the southern hemisphere. Enjoy your Spring and Summer with your family & friends



    • Jas Baku
      Mar 22, 2013 @ 12:36:53

      Gosh! Thanks for reminding me. I’m always aware of the different time zones, but it didn’t occur to me that you’re heading into Autumn while we’re technically in the middle of Spring. Thanks for the heads up 🙂 I’ve just been rushing round the different sites this went to (where most of my family and friends live), to edit the title accordingly.

      * It’s been persistently raining for days now, and is quite cold out, so doesn’t feel much like mid-Spring. Roll on our Summer; and you keep warm this cold season.



  3. Shivering Sean
    Mar 22, 2013 @ 12:21:31

    What spring?



  4. postaldeliveries
    Mar 24, 2013 @ 13:29:41

    Thanks for popping in to see me at http://ja2da.com – No snow, but a freezing cold wind today here, up in the frozen north. (Carlisle) We have probably been the least affected place in the UK by all the bad weather – here in the Solway Estuary. Scotland had it bad just over there, Newcastle in it deep just over there and the southern parts of Cumbria up to their ears in it just over there. So we are keeping mum – wouldn’t like to remind the snow that it missed us completely.



    • Jas Baku
      Mar 31, 2013 @ 04:32:16

      Yes, I’d keep quiet if I were you, though I do like snow. Those North-Easterlies cut right through you don’t they.
      Bristol hasn’t really seen much of it, but I can imagine it’d be bad up North. Much more fun up there 🙂 Remember making igloos with the kids when I lived up in Scotland, watching Geordies eating ice-cream on the beach when it was snowing, and the snow falling into Morecambe Bay. Haven’t lived in Carlisle yet.



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  6. fgassette
    Apr 11, 2013 @ 19:28:49

    Thank you for visiting my blog today. I appreciate the time you took to stop by. May your day be filled with joy and peace.



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