the Medication Merry-Go-Round

Psychedelic-mermaid meets med-head

I’m writing this from a drug-induced haze of dizziness and strange perceptions.
I feel tipsy and disorientated,
sick and unsteady, but my head isn’t clearing.
(I’m told it will. Hopefully s○○○ner than later.)

Hope this post is appropriate, it’s not so spiritual yet.
(Best not to publish while under the influence, is it.
SO grateful for the spell-check, normally ignored ~ typs galore!)

This isn’t any fun
I’m not even tripping on an illegal drug

More like tripping over prescriptions and packets of pills
I can’t even think ~~ ○˚

˚○ ~~ in a straight line.
I’m spending my time
wondering why I’m here (literally).

˚○ ~~ What I was doing before I came to be wherever I am now?

Puppy Co-Pilot

You’re not safe. Give me the keys, I’ll drive.

I can’t concentrate to meditate
or clear my mind to do reiki.
I’ve had to give up on classes and courses.

We nearly got hit by a cop car just,
because I thought the siren was coming from somewhere else.

I was distracted by the seagull waving at me.

Of course, it could’ve been just flapping its wings with a smile on its beak.
They do that you know.

The fur babies were c○○l with it tho’
We’re going to the park ~ ○˚~ happyhappy.

Prescription medications are meant to make you feel better.

Aren’t they? Aren’t they?!
I just want to flush mine down the toilet.

Here’s why…

The EU revoked the license of the MS drug that keeps me awake and functioning, because of its harmful long-term affects. So my new consultant is reducing their dosage. I shouldn’t complain. It’s what my teachers have been suggesting for years.
It’s still a bit of a shock though.
I liked the way the brain stimulant Modafinil energised me cognitively and physically. Who wouldn’t? MS zombie to an almost normal person in one easy pill 🙂  ~  And back again in one less.

But – and here’s the killing shot – Tegretolthe new epilepsy pills that consultant’s put me on are magnifying the resulting zombie effect so much, that if I was taking the full dose I’m meant to, I couldn’t even sit upright, let alone work out how to write this.
(Sorry fellow bloggers for any late replies, the keys my fingers normally find so easily keep swimming away from me and hiding.)

The Moral? (o_O)

I think that what my teachers have told me before is true.
Despite my initial disinclination to believe them (I did used to be an OT), I must admit that yes. I acquiesce. Is medication from the medical profession mostly a scam? Mistakenly pushed by well meaning doctors who are as confused as we are as to the validity of the dis-ease / wellness scale?

Or at least when the medics see a patient – they look at us, see someone with something broken. Something that needs fixing with pills and a potion. Not a person who would benefit from a holistic approach that would enable the physical or mental ‘break’ to heal itself.

nb. I haven’t flushed my prescription meds down the toilet – yet – and I’m not suggesting anybody else should either.
I’m merely sharing this question for folk to ponder ~
just how much good are the legal pills doing us all?


What do you guys think?….

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Image credits:
Psychedelic-mermaid-jenjen_bunny-30718479 (without the pop-up med head).
Puppy on scooter, JasBaku



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