Make the Perfect New Year’s Resolution Based on an Awareness of Death

…Continued from HAPPY NEW YEAR! Buddhist Meditation on Death

Excerpt from Amitabha Centre publicity:

Death Med GKG text

As the New Year Begins ~
Make the Perfect Resolution 

Gen Chönden’s advice to “Follow the path of peaceful, positive minds” sounds like the perfect New Year’s resolution.
But for this to work we have to want that change.

⌛    ✞    ⌚

But really, do any New Year’s resolutions last longer than a week? It’s not that folk don’t want to stop procrastinating, exercise more, or to learn how to meditate.
It just doesn’t seem to happen.

My take on that is that if you’ve got time to breathe, you’ve got time to meditate. But I’m a fine one to talk, I’m a terrible procrastinator.

New Year’s Day: Now is the accepted time to make your regular annual good resolutions. Next week you can begin paving hell with them as usual.” Mark Twain

Dream Big

A wish is just a mind.dream-big
It’s just like any other mind, so why not wish big?! Go for gold. You might as well, life is too short to waste on futile trivialities. Meditation on death eliminates trivialities.

Our lives as they are can never deliver pure happiness.” I guess we all suspect this? Depending on our definition of ‘happiness‘, it looks like something has to give.
We know we need to change, but how to make the change stick?

It’s all about changing our minds, changing the way we think.
We’re changing as the years go by anyway.” The wish to follow a pro-active path means we’ll change in a positive way, and go in a direction of our choice, rather just blindly reacting to all the dumb stuff life throws at us. Without having trained our mind in advance, we’re wildly trying to hit away difficulties as they come at us from all directions. Total chaos.

Much better to be able to easily handle whatever comes our way with one arm behind our back. It’s possible as well, just takes practice.
Apparently the old Kadampas used to pray for adverse conditions, just so that they could use them for mind training  (!!)

Karma‘ means action

That is, what we want leads to what we do, which in turn leads to what we experience, both now and in the future.

Jas n Rakma 311212 ABC*jpgProcrastination doesn’t help us here. Changing our minds now means that the direction our lives are taking changes now.

Our lives immediately take a turn for the better.
This affects us, our friends and family, and all our futures. So surely worth paying some attention to?

Video-clips that kind of illustrate this:

Funny little YT video from Inception: “You mustn’t be afraid to dream a little bigger darling” (deleted scene)
And from the Matrix 1: 
It’s amazing what mind training can achieve – Neo dodging bullets.
He is the one – That good, Neo doesn’t even need to dodge anymore.

Good luck with it, have a happy New Year,
and may your wishes come true.

Neo + bullets

…Continued from HAPPY NEW YEAR! * as the Old Year dies, can contemplating our own Demise make us Happy?
and concluded in 
Kill Procrastination ⌚ image

Taken from my notes on Gen Chönden’s 1st teaching on the death meditation new year’s eve. (All quotes are from Chönden, apart from Twain’s observation.)

 Top image from Amitabha Centre publicity, click on it to make biG
The snapshot is of our brilliant EPC and me, taken at the course.

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