Ascension Energy Shift… to Where?

Energy shift sceptisism

So how are the 21.12.12 and 22.12.12 cosmic energies feeling to you?
I guess it just depends on how you’re wired up, religious preferences, and how sensitive to these things you are. It might feel, as a reader commented yesterday, like “New Age clap trap”. And she’s not alone in thinking this. carl sagen
I’ve got to admit, I don’t set much store by Mayan prophesy. Just how trustworthy can a society that sacrificed humans and animals be?
And surfing other sites can be a bit disheartening. ‘Cataclysmic’, ‘life defining’ and ‘moving from a 3D to 5D existence‘? I think I must’ve missed something. Homage to anybody who didn’t.
Even quantum physics is fuzzy on what 5D is. (The brilliant Carl Sagen only goes as far as explaining the 4th dimension in this Matrix-like video, and that sounds strange enough.) So some sceptisism is understandable here.

A subtle shift

But then as aisha north says, You might not even be able to tell the difference in your surroundings. Because the changes that are about to take place will not be seen on the surface.”

Ghandi quote

These energy changes can be subtle. That’s mostly been my experience, although their effects have been quite life changing.

But isn’t that the important thing?
How we react to these changing energies?

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