the 1st Bristol Mayor! a National Pioneer or Electile Dysfunction?

It’s Bristol’s 1st mayoral election Thursday!

We’re only one of a handful of cities who’ve been chosen to be able to vote for an elected mayor.
I think that makes us one of the lucky few.
Despite being general disillusioned in the UK Government, which doesn’t seem any better than America’s bitch, and skins the poor while benefiting the rich; I still think there might be some hope (please?)

Does your vote count?

Uhmm, if you live in Bristol too, I’d say yes.
I’m not convinced that election results aren’t already decided and that the whole business isn’t just for show. But even if it is more or less real, as the Guardian’s Zoe Williams says, “The best you can hope is that the right charismatic wins.” This says a lot about the machinations of politics, but it’s got to be worth a try to get the right person in for the job.

Talking to my neighbours and other dog walkers, it seems that expectations are varied.
From muted enthusiasm, to being “not interested”, to another saying she says she’s not bothering to vote coz her party never gets in. Isn’t that missing the point though?

Marvin Rees. Does this man look too sexy to be mayor? *

Recent polls show a basically two-horse race between down to earth labour man Marvin Rees, who would become Europe’s first black mayor (his deputy assures me they’re NOT new labour); and George Ferguson – independent candidate / businessman / “modern-day philanthropist” (ZW) / “smug mega twat” (GT). So mixed views there. The brilliant Massive Attack support him if that helps. Sadly lagging is the green mum Daniella Radice, the only female candidate of fifteen. I’ve got high hopes for her as well. In a nice touch, Daniella is Marvin’s 2nd choice. Here’s part of a conversation taken from my Facebook page about her:

Daniella Radice

WT – The green lady is a mum at my daughter’s school, she is really nice and very motivated, I’m going to vote for her 🙂
VY – voting for the green mum lady sounds really auspicious 🙂
JB – She’s Tara!

Tara is a green female Buddha, AKA ‘the Great Mother’,
so it would be a real treat if she won.

George Ferguson

Your Vote is Important!

Most of us live in a democracy, and as fragile as that ‘respect for an individual’s or community’s rights‘ may be; I do feel our vote is important.
I lost count of how many folk told me last UK election that they didn’t bother to vote, but if they had’ve, they’d have voted liberal. As it was nobody really won the election, and the liberal democrats only got in as backseat drivers in the conservatives’ limousine (coalition government).

Who knows what would’ve happened if all those who didn’t vote liberal, actually had put their cross on the voting slip. We might not be faced with a resurrection of legal hunting with dogs for one. And that includes fox, stag and mink hunting, and hare coursing – which had all finally been banned in 2005.
I think it’s worth voting for the party who’d appear to do the most good.
If enough people do that, they might just get into power.
And you never know, they might keep their promises.

Karmically speaking, we either use our vote or lose it.
5th Nov, Cosmic Loti

Giant ballot box in Bristol to remind us to vote

OK, so only a few of yous reading this get some say in the matter, but if you can vote, please do!

Who’ll win?
Who cares?
You decide!

Bristol Riots

It might be good to have a mayor, you know?
There’s enough local feeling that something drastic needs to change; as there is worldwide. I’m not sure how far a mayor could could go towards addressing these issues, probably not George the Merchant Venturer / capitalist candidate. But putting a cross in a box is definitely a better way of getting your point across, than setting fire to bins during a riot.

I mean, look what happened when supermarket Tesco opened up an express store in Stokes Croft despite local opposition. People didn’t want Tesco and other supermarkets muscling out independent stores. Their frustration was understandable. Locals didn’t want the diversity of this eccentric part of the city to be trampled by corporate giants. It’s an area where an an area where people are immensely proud of its independent spirit, and pride being one of our main delusions (negative minds); there was bound to be trouble when they were ignored.

A peaceful demonstration sparked The Bristol Riots short film (contains swearing), which shows how unhappy people were.
Just shows why it’s not best to “follow delusion as a friend.” Geshe Chekhawa
Also worth checking out is a
Folk Rap video by local man Dizraeli Bomb Tesco official music video (contains brief nudity as an anti-government statement at the end. Doesn’t contain any bombs).
* Almost completely irrelevant, the “too sexy” caption came from a song, years old – Right Said Fred – I’m Too Sexy – a pretty cool piss take, and still pretty wicked 😉

OK well, back to more spiritual matters
(Still I think I’m better at religion than politics.)
All told, it does seem to be the best thing we can do is continue to follow Buddha’s advice – cherish others, do our best not to harm them, and follow the liberating path to a happier life for ourselves and others.

Of Interest:
The original Electile Dysfunction plus comments, almost discusses the US election this month; highlighting the need for keeping our own morality and wisdom strong while working in the material world.
Photo credits:
Ballot Box via the Guardian
the Independent’s front page via Bristol Culture

(Click in images to make biG

6 Comments (+add yours?)

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  2. Jas Baku
    Nov 14, 2012 @ 19:27:26

    PS. I think Rees should get in just so we could have Marvin the Mayor. Sounds like a character you used to like from a kid’s TV show. Like Peppa Pig or something.



  3. Jinxy
    Nov 18, 2012 @ 10:28:37

    Peppa Pig? Maybe she should run for mayor! :@)
    Good point about hurt pride leading to anger leading to rioting though I think the riots were more via outsiders than from locals? But I think it’s interesting to note that Ferguson’s slogan is about having ‘Pride in Bristol’.



  4. Jas Baku
    Nov 18, 2012 @ 14:34:03

    Maybe! Have to admit I’ve never seen it. But I did realise that ‘Marvin the Mayor’ doesn’t ”sound like a character i used to like from a kid’s TV show” – it is a character i used to like from a TV show – Marvin the Paranoid Android! Defo one of my faves. Anyway, here’s what reminded me…
    Marvin the Manically Depressed Robot, from Luna Kadampa.

    Yes, there was a significant difference between ‘rioters’ and ‘protestors’ at Stokers Croft. “What began peacefully, with two people sat on top of a bus shelter playing saxophones, soon escalated into all-out violence: bottles and concrete blocks thrown at police, a police car destroyed, police and rioters hospitalised, Tesco trashed.” Not best, is it. (Bristol Culture)

    And one of Ferguson’s slogans is ‘People, Pride, Passion’. I don’t suppose he meant it to refer to deluded pride, as in one of our most basic and troublesome negative minds. But IDK, we’ll see…



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