Cherishing Others is Dharma in Action ~ images (ed.)

Challenging but true:

Become Happy Now
~ Take Responsibility for Cherishing Others

“Until now we have cherished ourself above all others, and as long as we continued to do this our suffering will never end.
However, if we learn to cherish all beings more than ourself, we shall soon enjoy the bliss of Enlightenment.”

Really, this is a day-to-day choice of how we live our lives.
It’s how we become happy now ~ by cherishing others 🙂

Replace our Self-Centered View with a more Enlightened Mind

We already cherish the ones we love, and have experienced how this makes for a more joyful experience.
Unconditional love for others, which seeks only to make others happy, and expects nothing back, is supreme.
And it’s entirely possible to grow the number of people we feel cherishing love for, so that it includes an ever increasing circle of folk.

“To achieve this we do not need to change our lifestyle but we do need to change our views and intentions. Our Ordinary view is that we are the centre of the universe, and that other people and things derive their significance principally from the way in which they affect us.
This self centred view of the world is based on ignorance, and does not correspond to reality”

This self-centered view is unrealistic, unworkable and is the source of all our suffering. Pity it’s so addictive. But then we’re used to it… but then so is everyone else!

And just understanding this is the beautiful beginning of a new world for ourselves and others, the creation of which is in our hands.

 ~ As the images show, we can be creating this magic for ourselves and others today.

mmm, blissful 🙂


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Quotes from “Transform your Life” chapter on ‘Learning to Cherish Others‘ by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso

tumblr screenshots via Self-Assassin, Kadampa Life and Babydoll1976.
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