Being Phished. A Karmic Effect of Fishing?


It’s all a bit sneaky really

Phishers fraudulently acquire someone else’s property by electronic means; and fishermen pretend that the sharp hook’s a tasty meal for little fishies to eat.
Of course, humans who get caught out electronically tend to fare better than the fish, who have got a lot more to lose once they’ve taken the bait.

But the principle’s the same.


It makes me wonder if being the victim of phishing is a karmic result (like a cosmic payback) which is an ‘experience similar to the cause’.
… Just an idea.

o continued from ‘e-mail phishing alert!
o These ideas expanded in ‘Phishing Karma
o image by Jas

so is that a feasible idea? Or have I taken the analogy too far. You be the judge, let us know below  


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. jinxy
    Jun 26, 2012 @ 07:30:05

    Sweet graphic, but you forgot the worm!
    Anyway, getting conned online doesn’t pay back stealing someone else’s life, does it. No way that’s fair.



  2. Jas Baku
    Jun 26, 2012 @ 13:57:44

    oops. The worm must’ve wriggled off. It’s back now.
    Karmic effects last for lifetimes. Each negative action produces 4 effects. A lower rebirth comes first. Maybe in the form of of a fish, since the fisherman’s mind is so familiar with that form.
    The experience similar to the cause comes when the poor re-incarnations of the fisherman eventually get out of the lower realms and get born human again. Karma’s complicated, and it’s results have many shades. I guess that being phished might be a result of cheering a fisherman on. A lesser crime, resulting in a lesser payback maybe? Could happen later in the same lifetime then.

    But karma isn’t fair. Being born in a worm’s body, then stuck on a hook and drowned / eaten alive is the result of previous wrong-doing by the worm’s previous incarnation. Nothing to do with the present day worm. It’s grossly unfair. Not to mention the suffering of the fish. It’s all pretty hellish.



    • jinxy
      Jun 27, 2012 @ 08:47:41

      “fishermen eventually get out of the lower realms and get born human again.” ?! WTF.
      What happens in the meantime? Do they become ghosts, haunting their old harbours then?



  3. Jas Baku
    Jul 01, 2012 @ 16:21:41

    No, it doesn’t work like that. We get born in the lower realms if we die with a disturbed mind. Fishermen create the causes to be reborn as fish, since they’ve killed so many of them. Phishers will likewise be creating a harsh rebirth, where things are stolen from them. Being born human again can take a long time, so we can be stuck in the lower reals for aeons.
    There’s no judgement here BTW. Karma is an impartial cosmic law, like gravity. We reap the results of what we sow. eg. My fatigue is a karmic result of previously taking others’ lives.



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