Being Phished. A Karmic Effect of Fishing?


It’s all a bit sneaky really

Phishers fraudulently acquire someone else’s property by electronic means; and fishermen pretend that the sharp hook’s a tasty meal for little fishies to eat.
Of course, humans who get caught out electronically tend to fare better than the fish, who have got a lot more to lose once they’ve taken the bait.

But the principle’s the same.


It makes me wonder if being the victim of phishing is a karmic result (like a cosmic payback) which is an ‘experience similar to the cause’.
… Just an idea.

o continued from ‘e-mail phishing alert!
o These ideas expanded in ‘Phishing Karma
o image by Jas

so is that a feasible idea? Or have I taken the analogy too far. You be the judge, let us know below  


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