e-mail phishing alert!

BT e-mail account hacked by phisher

That sounds like a newspaper heading, and not where I’d normally post this; but my ma phoned yesterday to say of the awful time she’d had after her BT e-mail account got hacked.
You hear about these things, but it really upset ma. Needing to to warn others I Facebooked it. It’s been a popular post, with people agreeing with the alert, so I’m giving the details here.

Phishers fraudulently acquired Ma’s e-mail contacts list

Phishers pretending to be BT fraudulently aquired my ma’s email details and password.
BT‘ (ie. the phisher) mailed her that:
Your e-mail has been suspended because of over loading“; and then another message reading “your account need to be closed, please re-register.” Which of course you need to provide all your details to do.

It’s quite emotive language, designed to target our fear of losing something perceived to be valuable. It gives a sense of urgency, prompting immediate action. My ma had already filled out some of ‘BT‘s’ forms before she smelt something phishy, but some details had already been sent. This gave the phisher access to ma’s contacts list. They then mailed all her contacts pretending to be her in urgent need of money. She wasn’t able to contact everybody to warn them, as the phisher finished the job by wiping her contacts list.
That in itself is a worrying thing.

Don’t answer e-mails that smell phishy!

Ma said it felt “awful, such an invasion of privacy.” [The real] “BT were very good in sorting things out, but it took hours and I had a crunching headache at the end of it.

These people really need to get proper jobs; they’re creating terrible karma for themselves in the future by deceiving and stealing from others.
We can protect ourselves and them by following our intuition, and not answering emails that smell a bit phishy.
~ Be warned people!

nb. Translations & disclaimers:
o If something ‘smells fishy‘, it means it’s suspect or suspicious; as in the fake e-mails smelt fishy, and could be a con.
o phishing‘ – fraudulently acquiring someone else’s property by electronic means. (pronounced ‘fishing‘.)
o It was BT in my ma’s case, but it could’ve been any company that does business on-line, and it certainly isn’t the first I’ve heard of, mail or otherwise.

Further Thoughts:
Being PhishedPhishing Karma 

Happy Summer Solstice!

We are blown to our next experience by the winds of our karma

“When the winds of karma blow…
we have no freedom to remain, and no choice about where to go…
We must go wherever our karma takes us,” and experience whatever awaits us.

Geshe Kelsang Gyatso

Tokyo, Japan on June 19th, 2012.
by Franck Robichon / EPA

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