The 4 Seals

There are 4 great seals of Mahamudra
– the main principles of Buddhism.

They’re called ‘seals’ because they are non-negotiable truths. If we hold these truths in our heart, then we are holding a Buddhist point view; and we’re creating freedom for ourselves and others.

So nothing to do with these cuties,  but everything to do with why Buddha’s advice works so very well.
(Considering you can’t google ‘seal images’ without getting photos of some incredibly stupid humans on a clubbing spree, it seems that a lot of people really do miss the point. Maybe they just like the thrill of the chase.)

“Selfish desires are a bottomless pit” (Shantideva)

So there’s no joy to be found in desiring more all the time. It’s dissatisfaction and discontent all the way. Grasping at worldly happiness is like trying to get a handful of water. We’re trying to hold onto something so insubstantial and changeable it’s bound to be frustrating. And isn’t it?
It makes much more sense just to let go, be content, and watch the stream go by.
And because this is a nice idea, but we are a bit busy today;

Buddha taught the four great seals to remind us how things really are.

Like a cosmic reality check.
‘Hello?.. This is our reality…’

The Four real Seals:

all products are impermanent

all contaminated things are the nature of suffering

all phenomena are selfless

only nirvana is peace

 more to come on this…
(List source – ABC Website) 

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