the Inspiration Fairy strikes again…

WoW o WoW! Dontcha’ just love it when these things happen?
S’like Serendipity or Synchronicity or Something ॐ Magic! 

OK, it doesn’t seem like such a big deal if you’re living in the ‘real world’, anI know I should get out more; but it was such a very gently cool thing to happen that I gotta share it with y’all.

What normally happens is that I post an article here, do a final check through for typos, then head to get a brew.
That’s when the Inspiration Fairy can strike!
Gawd know where she hides in my tiny kitchen; but suddenly there she is. Repeatedly hitting me on the head with a lit sparkler (she’s too psycho for just a wand), until I give in, come back and sit down. Cup of tea ignored and going cold on the shelf there. To edit (often re-write) the post, and re-jig (or replace) the pictures. And often add a sprinkling of hippie chic before she’s happy.

But WoW, look at what magic of Serendipity or Synchronicity or Something, her demanding i Get things Just Right made time for.

Or as my mate Maitri would say ‘faffing about’. (See, I have to post an image + quote on Tumblr before I can make a screenshot of it to put here. And then there’s always the next day’s ‘final’ edit to be done after morning prayers…
Endless ‘faffing’ :~)

Anyways, it was while I was working on Tumblr, that this post – perfectly illustrating that subtle magic happens in the calm, clear space of patient acceptance – appeared.

So this has now become part 1½. With part 1 ‘Let Go to Become‘ (the afore mentioned ‘faff’ / or cause of the ‘WoW, depending on how you look at it); and part 2 to come.

 but this ‘Monet photograph’ has become the perfect interlude

 There, rant over 🙂 I can settle back into my migraine, but now within the warm cosy contented glow of Serendipity or Synchronicity or Something. And it hardly even rates as a migraine, now.

Homage to babydoll1976 for her brill pics, BTW.
Her thoughts on this?
“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be…. To hold, you must first open your hand. Let go.” Lao Tzu (via bodhisattvaextraordinaire)
* Do you have any thoughts on the query of Serendipity or Synchronicity or Something? Do share (~:

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