Joyful Path of Good Fortune ~ Paths

Atisha on the front cover of my book.
(OK, so it’s well used.But much loved as well)

Buddha demonstrated how to follow a path of inner transformation”

“It leads to the complete eradication of all traces of negativity and confusion from the mind and the attainment of sublime qualities such as universal compassion and wisdom realizing the true nature of all phenomena… This special arrangement became known as the Stages of the Path to Enlightenment, or Lamrim.” (NKT website) The great Indian Pandit Atisha gave instructions on how to practice these teachings. Joyful Path of Good Fortune is Geshe Kelsang’s commentary to these instructions.

What is a ‘joyful path’? My best guess: a spiritual path is a mind conjoined with renunciation, which is “a light and happy mind bound for freedom” (I think Nagarjuna said that).
And ‘joyful’ will refer to joyful effort ~ a mind that delights in virtue, and is free from non-virtue.

Generally ‘minds’ – or what we think – are internal paths that take us someplace, just as external ‘paths’ lead us to a destination.
This Lamrim text is based on Atisha’s ‘Lamp to the Path to Enlightenment’.

SO, these brilliant instructions illuminate the path that enables us to find lasting inner peace and happiness. Pretty awesome 🙂

Definitions from Ocean of Nectar, Geshe Kelsang Gyatso.
Notes and Paths 

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