“If it’s not virtue I don’t want it.” Barry (Conversations with Kadampas)

“Is negative karma ripening as suffering a reason to celebrate?” (Dave, Bristol)
Some Buddhist friends were discussing views on karma.
I liked what Barry said then:
“If you’ve got Dharma, all your problems are an opportunity to develop your inner wealth. Virtues like love, compassion and patience are the most valuable wealth you can have.

“You don’t need external things to be happy”

You can’t consume your way to happiness. Trying to do that just makes you more unhappy.
Happiness comes from within. From your own mind. That’s what makes the difference, what you do with your own mind.
JasAye, I agree. Happiness is a state of mind. You’re not gonna find its causes outside the mind.

 “If it’s not virtue I don’t want it!”

Barry – You need a positive loving mind for others. I think you have to become obsessed with virtue.
All of our daily tasks are an opportunity to practice. We can turn the most mundane things into spiritual growth.
Jas – Like what?
Barry – Well, when you’re washing dishes you can think as you’re cleaning them “I’m washing my negative karma away now.” Or when you’re showering, you can imagine you’re cleaning your mental continuum as well as your body.
You can apply Dharma to everything.
JasSounds great
Barry – It is 🙂

Barry is working in Bristol as a freelance journalist. His hometown is Kilfinane, Ireland. 

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