Jo Pagz on the Medicine Buddha Empowerment (Kadam Bridget, March ’11)

Jo – I went, and I feel good!!
Jo on Sunday night, after his weekend with other Kadampas in London.
Jas –  That’s brilliant 🙂
What do you feel so good about?

Jo – I just do LoL. I like Bridget because she is witty, clear and down to earth in her style, but also very deep in her wisdom.

“The empowerment itself was powerful”

The way Bridget taught around it – the introduction and talk after – were so comprehensive and well delivered.
Blew my socks off… if you see them let me know 😉

Jas  Will do. And I agree with you about Bridget, I’m a big fan. She comes across as very compassionate, too. I think she knows how delusions tie us in unhappy little knots; but she also knows the best way we can unravel them.

Jo lives in London, England

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