Relax Areas of Tension with Creative Visualisation (guest post)

The power of the mind to energize or cripple us is integral to Buddhist practice. A thought’s energy manifests in your body. Here Franklin tells how we can manipulate this power to relax areas of tension.

fu dog

The temple’s guardian Fu dogs symbolize doubt and confusion, the operative status of our mind. We can’t defeat these fierce lion dogs protecting the temple, in order to enter we must become friendly with them.

Become cognizant of the stress and tension points YOU are manifesting around your fearful or angry thoughts. I emphasize YOU here, for only in owning that you create it, can you recreate it.

Close your eyes, take long and deep breaths and with each exhale feel your muscles melt into pools of relaxation from your feet to your head.
Now, eyes still closed, visualize yourself in the situation that the worried thoughts are about.

As an example let’s use going into the dentist office, in the chair, needle in your mouth….. and become conscious of where you change the pools of relaxation into steel tension cables.
Now go back to your breath and melt the cables.

Repeat this over and over until you can release the tension before it happens.
The more you fight and resist thoughts the more power you give them.
By releasing the anchor points, the physically real and geometrically measurable stress points in your body, the thoughts will drift away into the sunset.

Franklin Melnick is the owner/president of Franklin Custom Remodeling. Chatham, New Jersey

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