Enjoy your Dharma (snippets from MKMC)

Now I’m perfecting the art of falling asleep in the vajra posture with a straight back. I ask the monk sitting at the at the PC next to me what helps him meditate.
K Pador:
“Well I thought it was it was really good how Morton was encouraging us to enjoy our Dharma.
You know, we can make it hard work, but it really doesn’t have to be.
Morton told us that we’ve all got a Buddha nature. Before we do any practice we’ve got to connect with our Buddha nature. We do this by settling down with a breathing meditation. Then fully engage with the prayers. It’s not just a sing-along – really pray to the Buddhas to bless your mind.
The peaceful mind we get when we do breathing meditation is our Buddha nature. Connect with that Buddha nature and just abide in that space. That makes it very easy to  receive the blessings of our Spiritual Guide.
Then it’s effortless and joyful, you know?”
Kelsang Pador, at MKMC
Kadampas on the Lamrim Retreat at MKMC

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