Something you believe in? Just keep on keeping on, isn’t it.

I wasn’t expecting much response when I started this.
I just created the site becoz I had to do something after the Facebook page got killed off.

For my own mental health ~ better to channel that outrage and hurt into something productive, than get self-destructive or hurt someone else.

And because I couldn’t just dump the people who regularly checked in for Buddhist articles and our local centre updates, like they didn’t matter.
Because they do. People do matter!

I know they d0.
let things get to me. I hurt.
I hate being rejected, dumped, and generally disregarded.
And in that respect I am no different to anybody else, human or animal.
We all share a need to feel alright about ourselves and not suffer too much.
Don’t we?

I had a burning desire to share Buddha’s teachings, and a very strong feeling that people could use them. I reckoned it would pick up after awhile.
You know, the way things sometimes do.

Something you believe in? Just keep on keeping on, isn’t it.

Two months in and it does seem to be working ~ folk can get something out of it, and my sanity remains relatively intact 🙂
I’m one happy camper. 
I really am honoured to be able to help folks by sharing Buddhas timeless wisdom.

If you’ve tried to look at things from another perspective and it doesn’t seem to have made much difference, don’t worry. Like Geshe Kelsang says “just try, don’t worry.”
These things can take time.

Sometimes though, things aren’t meant to work out, and you just have to accept it. That helps clear the air karmically, and for all concerned.
Shrug, let go and move on.

Shit happens, you know? It’s just the way of things. And please comment here. Some very wise beings follow these posts, so we’ll see if we can help.

Thanks y’all for your support ~ totally invaluable.

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  1. Paul
    Dec 18, 2011 @ 11:04:21

    I just love your snow flakes




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